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Foundation Diploma

Are you applying to study a practice based arts course with us? Many of our practice based arts courses recommend students take a Foundation Diploma before applying.

This does not apply to our humanities courses, please check the entry requirements listed in our prospects, or contact us if your queries are not answered below.

What is a Foundation Diploma?

A Foundation Diploma is a course often offered at local or international colleges, and may be funded by your local authority. It will usually last one year (full-time) or two years (part-time) and will help to prepare you for studying the Arts at university.

Why do you recommend I take this before applying? 

Completing a Foundation Diploma course will give you a clear idea of the level of work and intensity of study that you can expect at university, as well as allowing you to focus on developing your creative skills and teaching you how to use specialist equipment. We want you to have the best experience you can while studying with us at Brighton, and taking a pre-degree Foundation Diploma will help to make you more confident, comfortable and prepared for the changes in how you are taught and learn at university level.

Can I take a Foundation Diploma at the University of Brighton?

We don’t currently offer Foundation Diplomas in the arts at the University of Brighton. Many students choose to take them at their current college, or close to where they live. You can talk to your college, agent or careers centre for more information.

Where can I find out more?

There are a wide range of institutions across the UK that offer the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, for UK or international students. We recommend that you talk to your college or international agent and discuss which would be the best for you. You may even be able to take this course at the college you are currently studying at.

What if I don’t want to wait another year before coming to university?

You can apply for any of our courses without a Foundation Diploma, as long as you have the appropriate A-Levels or other qualifications, and meet the course entry requirements. For more information on entry requirements you can use our course finder. You will also need to demonstrate your ability with a high quality portfolio.

Is a Foundation Diploma the same as a Foundation Degree?

No, these are different types of courses. A Foundation Degree is a university level course, not a pre-degree preparatory course. Please ensure that when talking to your college, agent or careers centre for advice that you make it clear to them that you would like information on the Foundation Diploma, and not a Foundation Degree.