Emily Rose

Emily Rose, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts 

Photography BA(Hons)

What work are you exhibiting in the Graduate Show 2012 - Up and Beyond?


During the beginning of my third year at university I began to look at subjects that are close and personal to me. Through my work runs themes of memory, loss, nostalgia and a sorrow for times that have passed and are now irretrievable. I enjoy creating something as oppose to purely photographing what is around me, specifically I gathered many of my family’s old photographs and decided I wanted to utilize them in order to create something new. This led to converting the images into slides and using projection of figures to create an eerie and haunting atmosphere.

My background:

I studied photography A level in London and went on to do an art foundation course at Chelsea College of Art and Design, specialising in media.

I decided to study at Brighton because I loved the area and the relaxed and happy atmosphere of the place, as well as the course being very highly regarded.

It has been very rewarding and helpful, and the individual advice the tutors give you is invaluable.

We have small group crits once every two weeks so the tutors can review your work, and you can hire out much of the photography equipment you need, also there are colour and black and white dark rooms for the students to use.

Emily Rose, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts 

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