Hollie Young

Hollie Young, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts

Fashion and Business Studies MDes

What work are you exhibiting in the Graduate Show 2012 - Up and Beyond?

Inspired by a personal rural upbringing and a rich family heritage situated in South Wales and Somerset, my work explores the simplicity and self sufficiency of pre WW2 pastoral Britain. An exploration into local trades like coal mining, farming and blacksmithing, combined with research into traditional cottage industries have been used to capture this moment in time through modern garment design. The collection, although traditionally ‘peasant’ and ‘folk’ in character, aims to accommodate for a modern women’s wear market. A series of silk and linen overall like dresses and jackets play host to printed and manipulated textiles, complimented by crafted leather accessories. Each piece aims to promote traditional British heritage, and promote my own personal twist as a designer on the subject matter.

My background:

Before joining the course I had always had an interest in fashion, however my main focus had been textile design and painting. The pathways explored on my Art and Design Foundation course at The City of Bath College allowed me to explore the process of creative garment design in greater detail, and initiated me to choose to specialise in fashion. Whilst enjoying working in a 3D process, it seemed vital to learn the technical aspects to cutting and manufacture.

I chose to study at Brighton due to the course reputation, excellent industry contacts and the variation of interesting areas covered whilst studying. Brighton is known for producing professional graduates that have the ability to stand out in a competitive industry; this is something that I wanted to achieve, and feel that has been fully satisfied.

Whilst being on the course, developing as a designer has been challenging at times, however the knowledge that I have gained is indispensable. My industry experience that was organized through the University has been important in terms of developing as student into a young professional, and all skills learnt have been of excellent use in my final year. The experience itself has been a rollercoaster, yet very satisfying at the same time. The Business studies modules have been vital in terms of commercial understanding and the ability to enter your work into a commercial marketplace.

Throughout my four years at Brighton I have received great amount of support in various areas, predominantly with pattern cutting, manufacture and design guidance. The number of students in each year group is small and the amount of contact time you receive from various members of staff is exceptional.

Access to the studios has always been available. At times, different year groups work together in the same studio space; in my experience this has made for a positive and friendly working environment.

What would you say to anyone considering this course?

The course is not for the faint hearted and requires a great deal of commitment. I would advise anyone considering the course to work hard, play to their strengths and present themselves and their work with high standards.

The aspect that I have the most challenging (without final year) is combining a high level of creative design with a high level of technical thinking – at first I found this difficult to master. However, it is something that I have challenged me and I have overcome.

After graduation:

After a summer break, I plan to move to London and undertake a design internship at Mulberry.

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