Jamie Gould

Jamie Goul, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts

Fashion Design with Business Studies MDes

What work are you exhibiting in the Graduate Show 2012 - Up and Beyond?

My graduate collection titled: YAK SAK, explores the long lasting and therefore sustainable relationship people in developing countries have with their clothing, investigating how ‘emotional durability’ in clothing is formed. The collection aims to uncover the purpose and function of individual garments that leads to such relationships between the clothes and the wearer.
YAK SAK aims to convert the organic function of clothing found within developing countries to create a contemporary collection, for the western world.

My Background

Art and design was always my focus throughout school, so it was a natural progression to attend an art foundation course post A-levels. Fashion design seemed to be the most obvious option for me so I did a little research, found Brighton and applied.

A small, intimate fashion course was very appealing to me. I didn’t want to study in London and I knew that Brighton had a good reputation. After visiting for an open day I was very impressed with the city and the university. Having the sea in the summer is also a real bonus.

I feel as though I have had a very well rounded education. I think the fashion course here in Brighton is very directional in terms of vocation- loading you up with all the skills needed to work within the fashion industry. This last, final year has been tough, but it is a rewarding experience to put so much of yourself into something.

Due to its small size, we receive a lot of tutorial support on the course. Having personal contact with tutors is a real benefit.

What would you say to anybody considering this course?

Because of the intensity and workload of the course, I think it would be best to ensure that Fashion is the right course for you before starting. Especially in this final year, I think if you were half hearted about the work you had to complete it would be a real problem.

After graduation:

I want to relax for a while and then find a job.

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