Jenna Banat

Jenna Banat, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts

Photography BA(Hons)

What work are you exhibiting in the Graduate Show 2012 - Up and Beyond?

Life in Siberia

The Polish history of my family has always been particularly absorbing for me. However, since the passing of my Grandparents’ it has become a personal way of connecting with and preserving their memory. They lived through incredibly tough times, and I am using the medium of photography to honour their accomplishments that led to my family’s safe residence in Britain. This journey began early in my second year, and has culminated in a book, which will metaphorically narrate through carefully constructed imagery, an account of my family history as told by my father. The project has involved my travelling to my family’s hometown of Przemysl in southern Poland, the construction symbolic still-lifes before the camera, and a selection of portraiture and landscape, which will hopefully come together in a book rich in captivating narrative and entrancing photography.

My background
I have been interested in photography since school. I studied foundation art at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, and the BA Photography course at Brighton was my first choice.

The BA Photography course was my main reason to study at Brighton. It’s selection of highly inspiring tutors and great reputation made it top of my list. The fact that Brighton is an incredibly exciting and beautiful town to study in was an added bonus.

My photography and confidence in my own work has developed tremendously throughout the course.  There is a lot of support available to all the students on the course, from group tutorials and technical workshops, to individual tutor feedback and guidance.

Jenna Banat, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts

What would you say to anyone considering this course?
I would say that this course allows you to develop your work in the way that you wish, with a great amount of guidance and technical help if you need it. You learn to constructively critique not only your only work but those of your peers as well, learning and improving along the way.
What has been your greatest challenge?
I came to the course with a very low confidence in my work and poor technical skills. Through workshops and endless encouragement and direction from tutors and peers, I have overcome the hurdles that initially held me back from producing the artwork that I wanted.
After graduation:
I plan to continue with a career involved in the arts, more specifically with photography, in a contemporary gallery, magazine or photographic agency.

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