Joel Friskney Adams

Joel Friskney Adams, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts

Photography BA(Hons)

What work are you exhibiting in the Graduate Show 2012 - Up and Beyond?

My work explores the transitory character of the nature and the effect that the rhythm of walking within a place can have on the mind. I am drawn towards the life of things within the everyday, and consequently I make work in places familiar to me, often a short distance from my front door.

My background

Approaching the end of A-levels I decided to pursue photography, which I had already studied at GCSE and A-level, to further education. I attended a foundation diploma at the Arts University College at Bournemouth.

Brighton was a name that frequently cropped up when discussing my options with tutors throughout foundation and I found it the most engaging throughout the interview process and generally the most welcoming. I didn’t feel that London was the right place for me and found the draw of Brighton Photo Biennial and the university’s strong relationship with Photoworks appealing. 

The first year acts as a re-introduction to key areas of photography. A significant leap from foundation, the practical aspect runs parallel to a series of lectures exploring significant texts and theories surrounding the medium. Throughout the following two years these lectures continue, covering a diverse range of topics whilst the practical work becomes more self-directed, appealing to student’s individual direction within the subject.

The tutors come from a wide range of different practices within photography and as the course progresses are increasingly involved with the project brief they are mentoring, whilst the other tutors are often easy to contact for help, guidance and offering an alternative opinion. Although the library is comparatively small, it has a good selection and if there’s something specific that they do not have, you can often request for it to be loaned from another library.

What would you say to anybody considering this course?

Commitment is absolutely essential. This course, like many other arts based courses requires a huge amount of individual effort, and in order to make the most of that free time it is crucial to be completely engaged with the subject.

What has been your greatest challenge?

The leap from foundation diploma to studying at degree level is far greater that one might expect, particularly taking into account the emphasis on theory that a BA(hons) demands.

After graduation:

I am currently volunteering at a couple of colleges as an assistant studio technician and am hoping to find employment within the field of education, however, my primary focus is to continue making photographic work.


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