Lisa Turner-Wray

Lisa Turner-Wray, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts

Sculpture BA(Hons)

What work are you exhibiting in the Graduate Show 2012 - Up and Beyond?

Redi-Wear, Pack of

The creation of occasions and events has become an increasingly important aspect of my work. I’m interested in the social dynamics that can occur when an event is either witnessed or missed, the teasing creation of the inclusive and exclusive by an object, event, performance or architectural enhancement. There is an invitation to viewers to physically engage with objects and spaces, becoming performing participants.

Through the disruption of a careful formation of 2D ponchos, that instantly become 3D when used as garments, the Redi-Wear pieces boldly highlight audience members.

These bright garments will then infiltrate public spaces where they will become an enigmatic viral presence. A natural choreography segregates the audience into roles, those that perform and those that are voyeurs.

My background

I completed a foundation at Chelsea school of Art in 2009 and knew that I wanted to continue my creative studies in Brighton. I was very impressed with the atmosphere of the university and the possibilities that the sculpture course provided. I was also impressed with work that I had seen of recent graduates.

I have been part of an incredible creative network, I have been allowed the time, space and support to better my skills and not to feel afraid to try new things. I have also had numerous experiences such as organising shows and events that will be invaluable in life after university.

I have had incredibly attentive and knowledgeable advice and encouragement from numerous technical staff and tutors. I have been able to use resources across the whole university including screen printing and textile dyeing all with professional technical help.

Lisa Turner-Wray, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts 

What would you say to anyone considering this course?

That it is a great catalyst of creativity but that you must also be self-driven and make use of all the possibilities.

What has been your greatest challenge?

Putting on the second year show in the front gallery, for many reasons. Challenging but rewarding.

After graduation:

I have some props making work and some traveling plans but I would like to continue to have an art practice in some form and to collaborate and exhibit with other graduates.

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