The House that Kevin Built 2012 The Brighton Waste House

Images 6: St Andrew's Primary School Visit

St Andrew's pupils wave their old toothbrushes
St Andrew’s Primary school came to the Brighton Waste House to find out about carbon neutral building, and also brought along their toothbrushes which will be used to insulate sections of the walls.

St Andrew's pupils and TV news crew

The Brighton Waste House has caught the attention of the local news media and a TV crew came to film the day.

Toothbrushes going into the cavity wall

The Brighton Waste House is looking at how different materials act as insulation. This section of the wall is going to be insulated by old toothbrushes. Once the house is completed, each wall section will be monitored to see how efficient it’s insulation is.

Video tape as insulation

Video tape is also one of the materials being used as insulation
 MP and architect
Green MP, Caroline Lucas is backing the project. Here she is with the College of Arts and Humanities lecture and Brighton Waste House architect Duncan Baker-Brown

Mp and pupils

The MP and the pupils
Filming inside the Waste House
The Brighton Waste House is being documented by filmmaker Kurt Rademeyer. Check out our video page to see teasers of the main documentary
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