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July 2013

Local social entrepreneurs James Togut and Cat Fletcher recently returned from San Francisco, where they won a Global Award for social innovation in the Living Labs | Cities Pilot the Future competition. The LLGA is an opportunity for people from around the world to create solutions for real life problems aspresented by over 20 cities. The cities then facilitate the winning urban & social innovators to pilot their solutions.

James and Cat’s winning solution “CityMakers” is an online platform and street level programme that accelerates resourcefulness by connecting and measuring untapped skills, goods, events, people  andinitiatives in any community.

The premise being, that if we could better organise and thus match up needs with fulfilments, then better use would be made of existing material and human resources and build citizen resilience along the way.

James is the chief imagination officer of The Sunshine Bank, a Brighton based CIC (Community Interest Company) developing a rewards system to recognise and celebrate the ‘good’ done by citizens. Cat is an Environmental Rep for the Community and Voluntary Sector Forum in Brighton and Hove, is a founding member of Freegle UK, has voluntarily run Green Cycle Sussex (free online reuse service) for the city for 6 years and for the past year has been a collaborator on the University of Brighton’s Faculty of Arts  “Waste House” project.

They combine the desire to amplify the good done by anyone in a community and to make better use of all our existing resources.

James and Cat’s winning idea “CityMakers” was shortlisted for problems in both Rosario in Argentina and for Terrassa just outside Barcelona in Spain. A rigorous judging panel (each city nominates a jury of 5-10 local and international experts, to evaluate entries against the criteria of relevance, innovation and the impact on economy, politics, ecology and culture) chose CityMakers in answer to Terrassa’s problem of how to enable citizens to be resilient in the face of economic and social hardship - as faced by so many in cities around the world. To this end James and Cat developed a unique online platform, business plan and 12 month pilot programme accompanied by a video for this final selection process in partnership with Finnish IT company

CityMakers Video for Living Labs Global Awards 2013

CityMakers from CityMakers on Vimeo.

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