The House that Kevin Built 2012 The Brighton Waste House

The build gets under way

November 2012: Caroline Lucas, MP, opens the 'waste house phase of the build.

Caroline Lucas, Brighton's Green MP, cemented a brick at the commencement of work. She said: "When you describe this project to people they don't believe it can possibly withstand the wind, the rain and the elements but what they are going to demonstrate is that it certainly can...This [project] is good for creating jobs and good for the environment."

November 2012: As our build of the 'Waste House' begins in earnest, we can thank the enormous support we've had in what is a genuinely community-wide project.

In particular we would like to say thank you to Mears who have believed in this project and been behind it from the start. Mears have very kindly offered to manage the entire build project; supervising and securing the site, providing health and safety and site induction for everyone working on the site, transportation and lots more. And, they’re providing all this for free!

As the project has progressed they have been joined by: City College Brighton and Hove, whose students will be creating the wooden frame and cassettes that make up the structure of the building; South Downs Solar who are giving us a state of the art photovoltaic roof to generate the electricity required and Westgate Joinery who are providing external doors and windows that are the very latest in triple-glazed, highly insulating technology.

We estimate that the generous donations of time, expertise, manpower and technology will be worth nearly £200,000 to the university and we would not be able to complete this project without their help.

In addition to the supporters above we are working with a number of organisations whose help is invaluable. These include Freegle, who will be helping us to source the materials needed for the build from developments around the city, and Work This Way, part of the Prisoners' Education Trust, that will help with aspects of the build and the transportation of materials to the site. 

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