Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread University of Brighton

Rachel Whiteread was born in 1963. Her piece Ghost, the cast of a room, was shortlisted for the Turner prize in 1991; her 1993 work House, the cast of an East End of London house about to be demolished, won the Turner Prize. Other works include Untitled (One Hundred Spaces), included in the Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1997, The Nameless Library, a Holocaust memorial in Judenplatz, Vienna, in 2000, the Untitled Monument plinth sculpture in Trafalgar Square (2001) and Embankment (2005-2006) at Tate Modern.

"I was a student in the painting department at Brighton Polytechnic from 1982-1985. It was during those years that "I began to learn how to be an artist.

"I was taught by an array of great teachers. Jack Smith was particularly influential in my first and second years casting a wry and patient eye over my various styles of landscape painting, wax and hardboard collage and other various confused doodles...

"I was a little out of sorts in the painting department - but chose to stay there. A refreshing and youthful team of sculptors commuted from London to the sculpture department. Somehow, I was more at home there and hungrily lapped up their expertise and knowledge. I loved being at college and worked my socks off. Being able to concentrate on making art and being around like-minded people was like coming home."

Rachel Whiteread, 2009

Rachel Whiteread University of Brighton