Chris Rose

Chris Rose (MDesRCA) led Three Dimensional Design and Materials Practice (originally Wood Metal Ceramics Plastics) at Brighton from 1994-2007, having taught on the programme since 1984. He then moved to Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence USA teaching at postgraduate level in the design and crafts fields, supervising PhDs and advising on graduate theses. In conjunction with studio teaching with the RISD Museum and Nature Lab, he specialises in inter-institutional Arts/Design/Science initiatives.

Chris is  a group member of the ‘Breathing City’ project, with Holger Zschenderlein, Patrick Letschka, both at the University of Brighton and Dr. Janet Barlow, University of Reading. This featured a gallery installation for the Royal Society summer programme in 2010 for their 350th anniversary on London's South Bank 'See Further'.

Chris' book on creative thinking, supported by a Brighton College of Arts and Humanities research grant, Five Essays on Design is widely used in creative workshops, and a 2011) publication Light and Materiality explores the phenomenology of light and its practical effects upon imagination and consciousness, and is used in interdisciplinary contexts. Chris has been an invited contributor to the Feltman symposium series on Light at the Cooper Union, New York City, and the Bioneers conference in New England.

Working with the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Creativity at Sussex University with the University of Brighton, Chris devised the 'Shared Insight; Understanding Creativity' international project, with workshops in the UK, India and USA. Chris worked with the Brighton based Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Design (CETLD) on a series of innovative student programmes including 'Design and Traditional Indian Manufacturing', 'Chair Design and Biomechanics', 'Design in the Clinical Environment' and the student-led 'Transatlantic Design'

Working with the Victoria and Albert museum based learning programme , Chris contributed interviews to 'Museums and Design Education: Looking to Learn, Learning to See' (Cook, Reynolds, Speight) published 2010. He is a member of the Engineering Social Justice and Peace International National Goverment Organisation.

Chris was selected as a recipient of a 2010 Award of Merit in recognition of research excellence by the Award Council of the International Institute for Advanced Systems Research and Cybernetics, presented at the IIAS 30th Anniversary meeting and conference in Germany in August 2010. Also in 2010, Chris was awarded the Communication Arts Award of Excellence in conjunction with Studio Mercury New York.