Auditoryum Image

Auditoryum: A site-specific three-dimensional interactive sonic artwork by Dr Sarah Atkinson, the University of Brighton in Hastings, and Marley Cole, University of Brighton  

Auditoryum is an immersive, three dimensional environment which uses both hypersonic and 7.1 surround sound design techniques and artistry. The installation moves into new forms of interactive storytelling by allowing visitors to create their own unique experience each time that they visit. Sarah and Marley will be working with 2012 athletes as they train for the games during the creation of this work, which will be exhibited at public sites in Brighton and Hastings in June 2010. 

When entering the installation the visitor is directly placed into the sonic environment of an Olympic sporting arena; the ambient sounds of the arena will be audible as visitors step into the space; then specific audio sounds will be triggered by the visitor’s movement through motion sensing. For example spatialised 360-degree sonic instances periodically occur; the sound of runners feet, swimmers bodies, cyclists and horses traverse through the speakers, which surround the space. Site specific audio moments will also occur; the sound of a starter pistol, of a javelin pole rushing through the air overhead, of a divers’ body cutting through the water of a swimming pool.

The technologies used within the installation move beyond the horizontal spatial sound created by 5.1 cinematic systems. The sonic effects also occupy the vertical auditory plane, where sounds are experienced not just from ground level, but also from above, below and emitting from within the actual space itself.

Auditoryum will launch at St Marys in the Castle, Hastings.

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