Informathlon, lead by Mary Agnes Krell, Head of Media Practice, School of Media, Film and Music, Sussex University, Sue Gollifer, Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton and her MA Digital Media students, Lighthouse, Brighton, artist Anna Dumitriu and two Brighton and Hove secondary schools.  

Informathlon is a collaborative project including partners from Sussex and Brighton Universities working in the community with local arts organisation, Lighthouse and artist Anna Dumitriu. It uses interactive media to allow for the exploration and visualisation of stories and data emerging from the Olympics. 

The project will be presented in multiple stages and formats, as work-in-progress at Lighthouse, online and in public exhibition, and will be developed so that it can continue to grow and evolve even after the end of the project period. 

In its online form, the project will take the form of an interactive website which will be programmed to collate the data collected from various individuals and groups of people about the Olympics, including their feelings, thoughts and direct experiences of taking part and/or supporting the event. This information will be collated into a visual database once entered into the website, thus creating a visual representation of the collective information gathered and submitted. This visual information could take the form of colour-coded graphs and/or various patterns that work to represent complex data in ways that can be more accessible and more easily understood. 

By visually representing data in this way, viewers are able to see the information analysed visually and gain insight into the various similarities and differences in the responses of individuals to the Olympics – like looking at a visual map/image of people’s feelings, ideas, and responses to the Olympics.

Monday 21st June to Monday 5th July, Informathlon installation at Jubilee Library, Brighton and Friday 9th to Saturday 31st July, group show at Grand Parade Gallery, University of Brighton