Rings Around

Rings Around is a Creative Campus Initiative project based on Kirk Woolfords Will.0.w1sp practice led research exploring interactive environments, animation and methods of visualizing human motion.

Kirk will to extend the software, motion capture techniques, and interactive systems developed for will.0.w1sp to capture and recreate movements related to Olympic sports. The project will focus on capturing sprinting, archery, boxing, fencing, karate, developing a database of movements collected from Brighton and Sussex Olympiads as well as members of local sports clubs.

Rings Around will develop a number of methods of using this database together with the particle system drawing created for earlier projects. Specifically, the project will develop three methods of working with the motion data:
  1. a website introducing the project, giving the names and sports affiliations of everybody participating in the project and playing particle systems based on the movements in the database. Visitors to the website will be able to replay the original actions through the Rings Around particle systems and either compose their own Olympic choreography or allow the software to automagically connect movement sequences while flowing in and out of the Olympic rings.
  2. interactive installation consisting of 2x6m screen, audio, projection and tracking system, based on the will.0.w1sp installation. The installation will be tuned to be more dynamic than will.0.w1sp with much more movement and a completely new audio environment. As with the website, the iconic Olympic rings will become a central theme with the characters scattering and looping through the rings as they’re chased by viewers.
  3. linear animations in HD video format (720p); a series of five short (30-sec) animations will be created from the movement data. These can either be played together as a single piece or broken into short segments to be interspersed through a Creative Campus showreel. The movement database will be made available as a creative and research resource on completion of the project. The installation will be submitted to international exhibitions and galleries to raise greater awareness of the Creative Campus programme.