Subtle Objects


Subtle Objects: Pick Up has been developed as one facet of University of Brighton’s Mike Blow’s research into the interaction between physical and audio objects.

Subtle Objects are items that are recontextualised or that have extra layers or memories added using sound: an object is presented on a plinth and by picking up the object and tilting it around, the visitor can trigger and control audio 'memories' - heard through headphones – which bring the object a sense of history and context that it would otherwise not have.

For Creative Campus, Mike will work with sports kit and equipment, the sounds heard relating to when the object was made, to a particular game or match, evocative soundscapes, laughter, ominous sounds, and so on. The piece relies on our tendency to try and connect disparate information streams in order to draw some more-or-less logical conclusion and the artistic idea behind the work is that a new imaginary object is created, which will be unique for each visitor and which exists in the imagination somewhere between the object that is held, and the object that is heard.

Tuesday 25th to Monday 31st May, Subtle Objects installation at Jubilee Library, Brighton and Friday 9th to Saturday 31st July, group show at Grand Parade Gallery, University of Brighton

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