The Musical 100m

The Musical 100m, lead Nick Collins and Amy Cunningham (project leaders) with The Voice Lab and students of Sussex and Brighton Universities

9.58 and 10.49 seconds are intriguing times; they're not just current men's and women's 100 metres World Records (at the time of writing). They also represent a potential borderline of human short-term memory (outside of the perceptual present of working memory, STM has been hypothesised to hold over 3-12 seconds, or around 35 events). In musical terms, they can represent a break between longer term formal processes and local gesture and phrase structures. This project proposes to consider these impressive 100m times as time spans for musical and sonic activity.

The Musical 100m will be performed in Jubilee Square as part of the 2010 Soundwaves festival ( on 17th and 18th July 2010 as a participatory concert with public interactions, as well as feature a student workshop, and Friday 9th to Saturday 31st July 2010, group show at Grand Parade Gallery, University of Brighton.