Civil Partnerships - Queer & Feminist Art & Activism           

We Can’t Compete, crocheted banner

The exhibition will be at University of Brighton’s Grand Parade Building (G4 corridor, Theatre Foyer, cafeteria) 9-21 May 2012. The opening will be on 11 May at 4 pm.  

Participating artists: Luke Beachey,  Alexander  Glass, Niall Gormley,  Feminist Art Gallery (Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue), Claudia Kappenberg, Tomek Kitliński, Karol Michalec,  Natalie Papamichael, Mo White.

The exhibition is curated by Lara Perry and Paweł Leszkowicz.

The exhibition features the newest social and sensual, feminist and queer works by the students and faculty at the University of Brighton, and especially invited international artists. It consists of three parts: queer and feminist portraiture, the homoerotic male nude, and socially engaged activist art.  


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