Queer Visability Posters

Holebi and Cavaria

The display of LGBTQ rights posters is coordinated by Anthony Elliott. 

We present a selection of queer visibility campaigns and anti-discrimination posters designed under the auspices of various European LGBTQ organizations: Britain’s Stonewall, Croatia’s LORI, Italy’s Arcigay, Poland’s Campaign Against Homophobia, Romania’s Accept, the Czech Republic’s Gay and Lesbian League, Belgium’s Holebifoon, Ireland’s Marriage Equality and others.

We have also included different examples of posters produced by the main LGBTQ organization ILGA Europa, and some campaigns by (FARE) Football Against Racism in Europe. All the visual materials are designed and publicly distributed to combat discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. To achieve this aim they use different typography, design, illustrations and slogans. We would like to invite viewers to visually compare these diverse projects and reflect on the variety of national contexts and strategies that stand behind them.

Above image: Holebi and Çavaria, Are you thinking of sex now?, 2009, Belgium

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