Accept poster 


ACCEPT, Stop Homophobiei, 2007, Romania

ACCEPT Association is the most prominent LGBT organisation in Romania. In 2007 it held an information campaign on homophobia to combat discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in Bucharest.

Under the slogan “Excess salt, sugar are bad for your health. Stop Homophobia”, the campaign aimed to send a positive message about understanding and acceptance of sexual diversity. These posters were placed in prominent public sites throughout downtown Bucharest.


LORI Organisation, Love Is Love, 2002, Croatia

In Croatia a lesbian organisation LORI launched a visual campaign in 2002.  A photograph of two hugging young women was placed on billboards with a caption “Love Is Love”.  A real couple of lesbian activists of LORI sat for the photo. The images were displayed for a year in the streets while passers-by inscribed comments about same-sex unions on them.