LGBT Queer Life Research Hub

The aim of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and (LGBT) Queer Life Research Hub is to bring together research related to contemporary sexualities and gender identities and to support researchers working within this field through the formation of alliances and collaborations. This empowered, consolidated and enhanced knowledge exchange functions to identify pertinent collaborative opportunities as well as optimising the visibility of LGBT Queer research at the University. The LGBT Queer Life Research Hub aims to capitalise on links with community groups, the voluntary and statutory sectors, and others to develop LGBT Queer community-based research in tandem with scholarly research.

Some of the practical functions of the Hub include developing, documenting and disseminating research projects, initiatives and publications with both national and international reach. Furthermore, it showcases key current and emerging gender and sexualities research across disciplines through its annual lecture series. The Hub plays a part both in international and local networks; it organises international conferences as well as local events and brings into conversation disciplines, research clusters, action groups and projects across the University of Brighton.


For further information about the LGBT Queer Life Research Hub, please contact us at