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1 November Update

1 November 2013

We have been super busy at the Waste House over the last month or so and the building is now watertight and topped out. This has only been possible because of the continued hard work of our site agent David Pendegrass of Mears, together with City College students & tutors, Mears apprentices and some dedicated volunteers including 15 year old Tye.

City College students 

After a steady drible of old toothbrushes over the last four months or so FREEGLE's Cat Fletcher hit on a huge source via Gatwick Airport. Cat discovered that toothbrushes are given away to every business class & first class passenger flying from Gatwick and all other airports. Therefore there are millions of toothbrushes collected and thrown away after only one use. We took delivery of just over 20,000 of them in one hit and filled 1.5 of our wall cassettes just like that! The toothbrushes were kindly collected, diverted from the waste stream and delivered to us by MNH Sustainable Cabin Services, SPECIALIST SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS FOR THE TRAVEL SECTOR. Georgina Jackson (account manager) is the person who made this happen at MNH Sustainable Cabin Services.

Gatwick Airport Toothbrushes 

Cat also found a steady supply of old vinyl banners that tend to be date sensitive and are therefore only used once. They could be recycled if the brass eyelets that are used to tie them to street lights during arts festivals (etc) were removed. They aren't so the banners go to landfill. Cat rescued 1000 of them and we have been able to use them as internal vapour control layers. They are very jolly as you can see. but unfortunately they won't be seen as they will be buries behind the internal wall finishes. We also used them as damp proof courses (dpc's to those in the know) around our lovely Rationel windows. The banners have been kindly collected, diverted from the waste stream and delivered to us by Bay Media. Bruce Bignell is the account manager at Bay who has championed this partnership.

old vinyl banners as internal vapour control layers 

Lots of companies have been supplying The Waste House with their innovative green products as well. So the Waste House team would like to thank the following companies for their generous support:

Thank you to AAC Waterproofing ltd supplied and installed their amazing Prelasti rubber membrane roof finish made from up to 40% waste rubber and other material from car tyres. Mears Apprentices & City College carpentry students worked very hard in difficult weather conditions to make sure the ply roof decking was ready for the roofers.

AAC Waterproofing ltd - Prelasti rubber membrane 

Thank you to The Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project who continue to supply us with second hand timber on the occasions our FREEGLE suppliers run dry.

Thank you to Phil Barnard of Chandlers Sustainable Building Solutions for supplying us with surplus Porotherm Clay Blocks. We have installed some of them in the exposed vaulted ceiling on the first floor. The rest form one of the internal walls downstairs. Chandlers kindly facilitated a demonstration workshop for City College bricklayers who then installed these unusual thin jointed blocks for us.

Thank you to Dupont Building Innovations for supplying us with their Tyvek® Vapour Control & Building Membranes for the external walls of the Waste House. These are highly specialist membranes that are commonly used in low energy timber frame construction projects to control the flow of condensation through the fabric of the the building.

Tyvec Vapour Control & Building Membranes for the external walls 

Thank you to Ejot UK ltd who kindly supplied us with specialists long screw fixings for securing our external wall & roof insulation. They are also supplying us with the fixing system for the Photovoltaic Solar panels that will be arriving on site in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to Kingspan UK who very generously supplied us with surplus and slightly damaged external wall and roof insulation that would normally be sold off cheaply to farmers to insulate their barns or reprocessed back at Kingspan factories.

surplus and slightly damaged external wall and roof insulation 

..... and last but definitely not least thank you to The Velux Company Ltd  who supplied us with three as yet not on the market amazing triple glazed INTEGRA roof lights whIch give 20% more natural light than previous roof lights of the same size and also come with external and internal automatic blinds.

 triple glazed INTEGRA roof lights 

Waste House 1 November 2013

Now that is quite a list. Next the electrics, plumbing and whole house ventilation and heat recovery!! Phew


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