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Countdown to completion

4 March 2014

The last two months have seen the Waste House busier than ever as we progress towards completion at the end of April. The big challenge has been holding onto the original ethos of this project: ‘there is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place!” We have had to consider very carefully how to wire and plumb the building to twenty-first century standards of safety and energy efficiency.

We consequently accepted that it was essential to install brand new electrical wiring and plumbing; it is just not possible to use second-hand wiring for a public building, and second-hand waste pipes are a health hazard nobody should risk.

2nd hand new kitchen  

So the last few months have relied on the generosity of a number of companies who have donated their material for nothing and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their invaluable support: 

Jason Barns of City Electrical Factors (Brighton East Branch) for supplying all “first fix” wiring, socket & switch plates.

Andrew Cobham of CNC Ltd who supplied all CAT 6 communication systems.

Colin Chadwick of Sovereign Alarms who supplied the fire alarm system.

Keith Goodman of AM Fire & Security who supplied the Access & Security System, and finally

Ian Mitchel & Sara MacLean of Vent-Axia Group who supplied the Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery unit (second-hand - YES!) that will ensure our all-electric house runs on the minimum of mains power.

Now that’s quite a list for two months work, but I’m not finished yet. All the above were installed to a greater extent by Electrical Tutor Simon Coode of City College Brighton and Hove with his electrician students. So very well done to them. We also relied heavily on Del Wynn (University of Brighton Systems Manager) to help organise first fix comms on site.

Dr. Kenneth Ip and his colleague from the Faculty of Science & Engineering have installed their wireless monitors into the walls of the Waste House so that they can monitor whether a wall is performing properly or not. There will be more about this.

Schools to visit the Waste House - Central Sussex College, Lewes New School 

The Waste House has continued to welcome visits from schools from the surrounding region including Central Sussex College, Lewes New School, Annan Farm and others.

In December the construction site inspired undergraduate Architecture students to design and make installations from ‘waste’ material generated by the Waste House.

I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to the core staff from Mears who turn up on site every day and get on with all the work that is required to make sure the Waste House is ready for City College plumbers and electricians and of course ready to hand over. So thank you to David Pendegrass, Jason, Fionn and Sam, and congratulations to Ty who has just been accepted into City College to complete a CAA Diploma Level 1.

And finally thank you to FREEGLE’s Cat Fletcher who has been busy securing second-hand fittings & material for us. More of that in the next bulletin.

In the fianl stages, the Waste House


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