The House that Kevin Built 2012 The Brighton Waste House

Duncan Baker-Brown reports on progress with the roof joists and chalk

On Thursday 16th May I met with James Chalmers ( a local building contractor with whom I have constructed many low carbon developments. James had large joists in his yard, salvaged from a house demolished in Brighton last year, which he has kindly donated and will be used to construct the Waste House roof trusses. 

While I was loading the timber with James onto his trailer I casually asked him if he had ten tonnes of chalk anywhere. Well, by coincidence he did! He had an active building site from which chalk was being removed and sent to landfill the very next day ... perfect for our rammed chalk wall. We have been looking all over Sussex for two months, so this was a result. Within twenty-two hours of that casual chat the chalk arrived at the Waste House site. Thank you to James Chalmers for the chalk and timber and thank you to David Pendegrass of Mears, our site agent, for making the site ready for this delivery at hardly any notice. 

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