The House that Kevin Built 2012 The Brighton Waste House

Summer Camp

June 12th was probably the busiest day on site so far ... students from City College were installing the final first floor beams made from waste ply and timber. We also have Rowland Keeble of Rammed Earth Consulting CIC for three days. He is helping architecture & carpentry volunteer students (together with very able ground works apprentices from Mears) how to construct the rammed chalk wall in the stair well of the Waste House. Well done to all volunteers. We had about 40 students working in shifts all day. Towards the end of the day we welcomed year 12 pupils from Brighton College School's Green Group. They came to see the Waste House and also to catch the last moments of the Graduation Show. 

And finally, we unveiled our stunning Waste House hoarding to the public last week. Thank you to Studio Cuthbert for the graphic design and Signs Express Crawley(‎) for the printed artwork. 

Work on site

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