The House that Kevin Built 2012 The Brighton Waste House

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A pioneering zero carbon house in Brighton highlights – and imperatives – for sustainable design. Veronica Simpson is suitably inspired, FX page 56, 1 December 2015

Welcome Home, Habitare Brighton. 1 Decmber 2015

The Waste House, Design Curial website, 1 December 2015

Waste house given a top design gong. The Brighton and Hove Argus. 24 April 2015

The Revolution's Here. The Sunday Times. 22 February 2015 

Make do and mend. The Brighton and Hove Argus. 14 February 2015

All you need to know about the 2degrees Champions Award categories. 11 February 2015

The House That Waste Built. Cision, Global Media Intelligence. 1 January 2015 

Outsourcing Christmas. The Brighton and Hove Argus. 23 December 2014

Мусорный дом — британские чудеса инженерной мысли и бережливости. 1TV Russia News. 9 December 2014  

How reuse could drive the shift to a circular economy. MyGreenPod, 20 November 2014

The Brighton Waste House, A Learning Tool. Edge Condition, 20 November 2014 (pages 45-47)

Green Projector Person of the Year. The Brighton & Hove Argus, 29 October 2014

Waste house at Brighton’s disposal. Future Constructor and Architect magazine online, 19 September 2014

Britain's housing industry should learn from Brighton house built using recycled rubbish says Caroline Lucas. The Housing Excellence website, 9 September 2014 

The house made from 4,000 video cassettes and two tonnes of jeans. The Guardian, 5 September 2014

"Rubbish House is great" - MP. The Brighton & Hove Argus, 30 August 2014

Dette huset er bygget av søppel. Adressa online (Norwegian), 5 August 2014

Huset er bygget utelukkende av søppel. Aftenposten online, (Norwegian), 5 August 2014

Huset er bygget utelukkende av søppel. Aftenposten Forsiden (Norwegian), 5 August 2014

Huset er bygget utelukkende av søppel. Fakturainformasjon online (Norwegian), 5 August 2014

Student Works: This house made of trash teaches a lesson in green housekeeping. Archinect online, 5 August 2014

Buat Rumah Tinggal dari Sampah Daur Ulang. Analisa Daily online (Indonesian), 5 August 2014

Du gjetter aldri hva dette huset er laget av. KLIKK online (Norwegian), 4 August 2014

Brighton Waste House. REN TV (Russia), 26 July 2015,


House made of recycled rubbish unveiled. Government Business magazine, 21 July 2014 

Mein Haus aus Müll. Designlines, 16 July 2014

See the House That's Made of Trash. Good Housekeeping magazine online, 16 July 2014

See The Home Made From Trash. Country Living Online, 16 July 2014

Waste House not rubbish. The Brighton and Hove Argus, 15 July 2014

"Waste House" Uses VHS Tapes and Mom Jeans as Insulation. Popular Mechanics online, 14 July 2014

Sustainability innovators recognised in 2degrees Champions Awards. Retail Times online, 14 July 2014

Sustainability Champions Named. Environmental Leader, 14 July 2014

Brighton's waste house wins award. Latest 7 magazine online, 14 July 2014

This UK House Is Made Out Of Garbage [10 Photos]. The Roosevelts online, 10 July 2014

The house that 20,000 toothbrushes built. The Guardian, 7 July 2014

You'll Never Guess What This House Is Made Of. Refinery 29, 7 July 2014

Vent-Axia donates ventilation for Waste House. CIBSE Journal No.140701, 1 July 2014

You'd Never Guess This House is Made Entirely From Rubbish Gizmodo UK, 20 June 2014

Can waste insulate a carbon-negative house? Smart Brief online, 20 June 2014

Design Studio Constructs A House That Is Completely Made From Waste Materials. Design Taxi online, 20 June 2014

One man's garbage is another man's ... house? Gizmag online, 25 June 2015

Sacks, legs and videotape. RIBA Journal online, 15 May 2014


Brighton’s £300k rubbish house opens for Easter tours. Brighton and Hove News, 19 April 2014

Brighton Waste House open for Easter tours. Latest 7 Magazine, 19 April 2014

Case study of Waste House in Brighton | Grand Parade Campus. Architecture Student Chronicles, 15 April 2014

The house that is made out of rubbish. ITV Meridian, 16 March 2014

The house of rubbish host salt exhibit. The Brighton Argus, 4 March 2014

Waste House set to star in Brighton Festival. The Brighton Argus, 4 March 2014.

Central Sussex College Visit. Crawley and Horley Observer, 15 January 2014

In order to build your dream we've had to demolish a few myths. Viva Brighton magazine, January 2014

Airport donates 20,000 toothbrushes to Brighton University building project. The Latest Magazine website, 11 November 2013

Eco House brushes up on its wall insulation.The Brighton Argus, 9 November 2013

Cavities that are worth filling. Materials Recycling World website, 27 July 2013

Waste not want not. Inside Housing website, 26 July 2013

The house that waste built. FX Magazine website, 24 July 2013

The house that waste built. World Interior Design Network website 22 July 2013

Don't reject your toothbrush. Plastics and Rubber Weekly website, 19 July 2013  

Don't reject your toothbrush. Environment UK Website, 18 July 2013 

July 2013 Waste House featured on ITV Meridian News

November 2012 Waste House featured on local news programs on BBC and ITV.


Eco Technology Show continues to Grow. Specification Online website 10 June 2013 

House project puts waste to good use. The Argus, 6 February 2013

Firms look for sponsors, The Argus, 5 February 2013

Brighton & Hove Leader, 29 November 2012

House built from waste, Argus, 28 November 2012

House made from waste, Design Rock, 13 November 2012.

The House that waste built, Acre Limited website, 13 November 2012. 

First building made of waste to be constructed in Brighton. Brick Development Association, 13 November 2012. 

'New' House in England to be made entirely from waste materials. The PRI's World website, 12 November 2012. 

Homely Waste. The Brighton Argus, 2 November 2012.

Brighton university campus to build eco-house on campus. The Brighton Argus, 21 October 2012. 

Plan to build UK's first building entirely out of waste. Environment UK website, 19 October 2012.

Brighton eco-house constructed from waste to appear on Grand Designs, Home Heating Guide website, 16 October 2012.

Brighton house built entirely of waste, The Brighton Argus, 9 October 2012.

Construction Begins on the UK's First Building Made Completely Out of Waste, Inhabitat website, 5 October 2012. 

Brighton Eco-Home to be built from waste. Green Building Press website, 5 October 2012. 

UK's first building made entirely out of waste, Energy Live News website, 4 October 2012.

Building out of waste in Britain. Britain News Net website, 03 October 2012. 

First house built entirely from waste set to open its doors. Edie Waste Net website. 3 October 2012.

First building to be made entirely of waste to be built in Brighton, GreenWise Building News website, 3 October 2012. 

Plan to build UK's first building entirely out of waste, The Guardian, 3 October 2012.

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