Supervisory staff

Dr Leah Armstrong

Leah Armstrong works alongside Professor Guy Julier at the V&A curating the Design Culture Salons and as research assistant on a scoping project for the AHRC entitled Mapping Social Design Research and Practice.


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Portrait of founding members of D&AD, Mark Bonner, âD&AD? That was all my idea.â Creative Review, (October, 2012), pp.20-26.

Dr Nicola Ashmore

Dr Nicola Ashmore's research interests focus on artistic interventions and curatorial practice. She is currently researching remakings of Pablo Picasso's Guernica, which have been created collaboratively as a form of political activism.


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Dr Harriet Atkinson

Harriet Atkinson is a design historian who teaches history of art and design, critical and cultural studies.


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Prof Jeremy Aynsley

Jeremy Aynsley’s research interests concern late nineteenth and twentieth-century design in Europe and the United States, with a special focus on design in modern Germany. He is especially interested in the phenomenon of the migration of Modernism, avant-garde and commercial visual languages in graphic design, as well as the education and professionalisation of the designer.


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Book cover, Jeremy Aynsley, Desgining Modern Germany

Simon Bliss

Simon Bliss is Academic Liaison Manager and works with the University of Brighton's International College helping to prepare students for progression to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in art and design.


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Fashion Theory

Sue Breakell

Sue Breakell is Archivist and Senior Research Fellow at the Design Archives. Her work engages with questions about the nature, meaning and practice of archives, as well as the history of art and design in the cultural context of the twentieth century.


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Prof Cheryl Buckley

Professor Cheryl Buckley has published on various aspects of twentieth-century design history in Britain including ceramics, fashion, architecture and furniture and has an on-going interest in questions of gender, writing on theoretical issues relating to design history and gender.


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Fashion and Everyday Life: London and New York: Cheryl Buckley

Prof Dennis Doordan

Dennis Doordan is co-editor of Design Issues. He has published on a variety of topics dealing with modern and contemporary architecture and design including political design themes, Italian architecture and design, the impact of new materials, the evolution of exhibition design techniques and the design of large public aquariums.


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Dr Jane Hattrick

Dr Jane Hattrick’s research contributed towards the remaking of Hartnell’s Coronation gown for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Angel’s the theatrical costumiers, displayed in the window of the Knightsbridge department store Harrods in May 2012.


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Jane Hattrick, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts

Prof Paul Jobling

Paul Jobling is a recognised expert in the history and theory of graphic design and photography since the 19th century, with a particular interest in the intertextuality of word and image and issues of identity in advertising, fashion photography, magazine design, photojournalism and photodocumentary.


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Paul Jobling University of Brighton

Prof Guy Julier

Prof Guy Julier's post as the University of Brighton Principal Research Fellow in Contemporary Design at the Victoria & Albert Museum is dedicated to developing and running a research programme that addresses contemporary issues in design that also links the museum, the university and professionals in the creative industries.


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Dr Yunah Lee

Yunah Lee's research interests are focused on the key themes of modernity, modernism and national identity in design and material culture and engaged with how these ideas have been developed and materialised within a national design context and translated and appropriated across cultural and national boundaries.


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Poster image from Design Museum conference

Dr Marie McLoughlin

Marie McLoughlin teaches Dress History having previously trained in fashion design at St Martins School of Art and Design. She is particularly interested in the areas where fashion and art collide, whether this is fashion illustration, textile design by artists or more recent conceptual designers' work.


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Prof Catherine Moriarty

Curatorial Director of the University Design Archives, Catherine Moriarty’s work engages with issues that lie at the heart of current research in the humanities – cultural memory, inter-textuality, visual and material culture, particularly sculpture, and the research potential of digital content.


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Queen, Design Council Archive, University of Brighton Design Archives

Dr Lara Perry

An international authority on British art, Lara is interested in the interactions between artists and art institutions. A specialist in nineteenth-century England, she explores how art practice responded to its specific historical contours in terms of national identity, history and gender.


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Lara Perry, University of Brighton

Dr Annebella Pollen

Annebella Pollen’s central interests include the history and ethnography of mass participation photography. Other research interests include private and public collecting practices, museology and public history; histories of design and the decorative arts particularly in relation to non-elite forms; life writing and Mass Observation.


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Annebella Pollen University of Brighton

Dr Louise Purbrick

Louise Purbrick researches material and human relationships, from sites of conflict to domestic things.


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1 Ariel View of the The Maze (c1980s)

Dr Megha Rajguru

Dr Megha Rajguru is a Senior Lecturer in the History of Art and Design. Her postdoctoral research is a study of South Asian postcolonial identities manifest through design and visual culture. Other research interests include: museum and gallery curating.


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Inauguration of the Hindu Shrine, community engagement project, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Photo: Rama Patel, Megha Rajguru, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts

Tom Sawyer

Typographer Tom Sawyer is a historian and practicing graphic designer.As a historian he is a specialist in letterforms, notably the Tudor introduction of humanistic roman and italic letterforms in place of gothic letters. He runs his own graphic design practice and has been in higher education since the 1960s.


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Tom Sawyer University of Brighton

Dr Damon Taylor

Dr Damon Taylor is a design theorist and cultural historian with a long record of working with practitioners and design professionals.


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Prof Emerita Lou Taylor

Professor Emerita Lou Taylor's career has focused on the development of critical approaches to the discussion of the objects of clothing in their historical, material culture and museology settings, through teaching, publishing, exhibition curating and PhD supervision.


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Professor Lou Taylor University of Brighton

Dr Anna Vaughan-Kett

Dr Vaughan-Kett's research interests centre on political expressions through dress, and primarily the work of Quaker women anti-slavery activists in Britain and America in the nineteenth century.


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The Quaker Clark family wearing Free Labour Cotton Clothing, 1868. Courtesy of the Library of the Religious Society of Friends, London.</p>

Dr Lesley Whitworth

Lesley Whitworth is Deputy Curator and Senior Research Fellow in the University of Brighton Design Archives. Her research focuses on twentieth-century Britain and extends from changes in shopping processes and practices; histories of consumer education; domestic material environments; retail and display design; to the emergence of the industrial design profession.


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Lesley Whitworth University of Brighton

Dr Claire Wintle

Dr Claire Wintle's research focuses on objects and museum collections in the context of politics of empire, nationalism and decolonisation. She has a particular interest in the interpretation of India in museums and galleries, in the UK, the US and in India itself.


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Prof Emeritus Jonathan M Woodham

A leading figure in the development of the History of Design, Professor Jonathan M Woodham publishes in a number of specialist fields largely centred on design issues in the industrialised world in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly within a British context.
He developed the infrastructure for research in arts and humanities at the university as Director of Research.


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Jonathan Woodham University of Brighton

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