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Study Media

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Study Media

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Study Media

Study Media

The study of media engages with some of the most exciting issues of our time, exploring the effects of advances and changes in media technologies upon everyday life, the cultural economy and social well-being. How has the digitisation process changed ‘old’ media? What effects have technologies had on communities, identities and relationships?  How are social bonds sustained in a context of intensifying cultural difference and diversity?

Our work at Brighton illuminates popular culture and the place of popular memory in people’s lives. It looks at the potential of the creative industries to reshape the way we live today, the contribution of information technologies to community engagement, and the ethics of new media and environmental communication.

Our range of courses allows for students to embrace many aspects of media scholarship both theoretical and practical. The city has a wealth of media enterprise, and we equip students with the skills required for the exciting and rapidly changing media industry. We have strong relationships with media businesses and our graduates are sought by employers for the valuable range of skills and knowledge they acquire throughout their study. 

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Featured researcher:

Dr Aris Mousoutzanis

Dr Mousoutanis works across literature and media with expertise on apocalyptic fictions, fin-de-siecle cultures and the mediated experience of trauma.


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