Oliver Fournier

ImageImage: The Olyssey, Oliver Fournier

When did you graduate?

Graduated in 2011. 

Can you explain your background, what was your route to joining the course?

My background was originally in painting, but I gained an interest in exploring other media, particularly video, after Sixth Form. After spending a couple of years looking into artists' film and video in more depth I was confident that I wanted to continue in this area.

Did you always plan to study at higher education level, and why Brighton?

I always knew I would do a university course and Brighton was one of the only places in the country to offer such a course in artists' moving image.

What was the best thing about studying at Brighton?

It’s very inspiring to be around so many other creative people from all disciplines and it also makes the opportunity for collaboration immense.


Has the course met your expectations?


What was the highlight of the course?

Having the time to develop my ideas thoroughly.


How would you describe a typical day on the course?

It depends on how motivated you are and at what stage you are in your project. A typical day for me (when I wasn’t spending the whole time editing at the end of a project or wandering around trying to get ideas at the start of the project) would involve a few hours reading, a couple of hours at uni (a crit, lecture or tutorial), an hour or two watching films, but mainly letting ideas sink into my head. A lot of the time you don’t feel you’re doing anything, but the free time is very important in absorbing ideas.

What would you say to individuals considering this course?

Make sure this is what you want. The course is very much aimed at examining film and video from a fine art perspective. It is not all about music videos and cinema. If you are interested in how to critically work with the moving image then it’s definitely for you.

What has been your greatest challenge?

Setting myself a very ambitious final project with a tight timescale involving travelling and a lot of editing time.

What are you doing now you have graduated?

I am trying to submit my final film to film festivals around the world and am starting a collaboration project with a group of photographers. I am interested in continuing to produce work, but do not want to make this my long term priority. I intend to gradually move towards working in education.

Project: The Olyssey

The Olyssey is a film, originally shot on 16mm, which explores the notion that everything is a copy, a simulated and constructed experience. It presents this as the discovery of a man who embarked on a labyrinthine journey through European cultural history, obsessively visiting sites of fictional importance in the hope of finding that which ties his thoughts together. Disconnected from his day-to-day life and current political events, he retraced the steps of artists, filmmakers and writers including the likes of Chris Marker, Proust, Homer, Godard, Keiller, Calvino, Resnais and Robbe-Grillet... the list goes on.