Dr Chapman: 'PUMAVision HQ'- Consultancy (2010-)


Dr Chapman was approached by the leading sports lifestyle brand PUMA 
to consult on strategic and creative approaches that embed 
sustainability more centrally within their design process.

In July 2010, Dr Chapman presented his research and findings at the 
'PUMA Design Camp' - an annual event held at the PUMAVision HQ 
(Nuremberg, Germany) in which the entire PUMA design force of 130 - 
across all product sectors - come together to explore and exchange 
ideas that will define the creative direction for the forthcoming 
year. Following Dr Chapman's presentation, Hussein Chalayan - PUMAs 
Creative Director - delivered the 2011/12 Macro Direction for PUMA, 
followed by presentations on communication objectives, brand concept, 
color and trend.

As a forward-thinking brand leader, PUMA have recently committed to 
'the long-term aim of being the most desirable and sustainable sports 
lifestyle company in the world'. PUMA state that: '[w]e are committed 
to working in ways that contribute to the world by supporting 
creativity, sustainability and peace and by staying true to the values 
of being Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative in decisions made and 
actions taken. The foundation for our activities is PUMAVision - a 
concept that we intend to guide our work with its three, core 
programs: puma.creative, puma.safe and puma.peace.

'Sustainability as an integral part of our PUMA's corporate strategy 
(from logistics, retail, product design, marketing and the overall 
reduction of waste and energy in buildings through examining and 
changing their approach to work) having recently developed what they 
call the 'S-Index' (sustainability index); a set of criteria for 
products that is PUMA's interpretation of what should constitute best 
practice in sustainability. Their aim is that 50% of its international 
product collections in footwear, apparel and accessories and 100% of 
its packaging are S-INDEX approved by 2015.

In addition to future consultancy, PUMA and the University of Brighton 
are currently exploring ongoing links in terms of student internships, 
work placements and setting-up live projects with students across the 
faculty. This is a specific type of engagement that will look to 
develop meaningful opportunities for individual learners, in all 
subject areas, who place sustainability as a key driver to their work.