Duncan Baker Brown and Ian McKay (2009), 'The Pinwell House' in Eco-Houses, Barbara Linz (ed), Germany: H.F.Ullmann (Tandem VerlagGmbH).

The Pinwell House, Lewes, East Sussex, by BBM Sustainable Design Ltd "won first place in the RIBA-lbstock-Downland Competion for Sustainability in Architecture. The goal was to solve the following challenge: with which sources can I build a home for a family with eight children on a small lot at the lowest cost and in the shortest time? BBM chose the principle of the individual pre-fabricated house, wherein a house is customized but is prefabricated in a factory, saving on materials and time. A four-story towerlike building with access to a generous balcony or patio on every level was erected, using a modular dry mortarless construction system.

"The building elements consist of recycled wood and plastic and have excellent insulating properties. Wool is incorporated as an additional insulating material. The facade is partially plastered and partially covered with local chestnut siding. The roof has solar thermal equipment."