Arts Practices and Performance Research Initiatives at the University of Brighton

Arts Practices and Performance Research Initiatives


The University of Brighton Faculty of Arts represents its research in arts practices through the Arts Practice and Performance Research Initiatives (APPRI).

APPRI has been conceived as an ‘innovative response to the rapidly developing and diversifying range of interests within the field of arts practices at Brighton and conceives of ‘practices’ as an expanded term covering image and object making, the textual and writerly, the performative and time-based, and sound/aural work.

It is particularly conceived as a resource for collaboration, both intellectual and physical, between researchers and for presenting the outputs of their research, its engagement with arts practices and its wider impact locally, nationally, and internationally.

Within APPRI there are six themed areas that reflect specific research interests within the larger context of the Faculty of Arts.

  • The politics of representation, curatorship and exhibition making
  • Arts practices and science
  • Arts practices: health and social inclusion
  • Arts practices: memory, narrative, histories, heritage, language
  • Arts Practices: media and lens-based
  • Arts Practices: mediated performance: visions