The Centre was founded in 2005, with the aim of bringing together philosophy both with other disciplines and with the wider public. It intervenes in the public arena on the basis of a commitment to rigour, clarity and criticism and to extend the practice of philosophy beyond its narrowly academic boundaries. We see our role as furthering both the practice of ‘the public intellectual’ and an interrogation of it. Our understanding of philosophy and of ethics, and of their application, places them firmly in the context both of history and of contemporary political debate, which is reflected in the Centre’s cross-disciplinary approach. We therefore seek to operate across all of the university’s faculties, engendering an innovative environment within which to explore the relationship between theory and practice, as well as actively collaborating both with colleagues in other institutions and with bodies outside the academy.

In particular, we work together with Centre for Ethics and Value Inquiry (Ghent, Belgium), Globalisation Studies/Research in Ethics and Globalisation (Groningen, Netherlands), the Brighton and Sussex Medical School (UK) and the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, University of Birmingham (UK).

The Centre is open to collaborative proposals, whether small- or large-scale, from anyone interested in working with us. Contact the Director, Prof Bob Brecher: or the Deputy Director, Dr Mark Devenney:


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