Centre for Research and Development

Working in the Centre for Research and DevelopmentImage: Working in the CRD space, Grand Parade

The Centre for Research and Development (Arts), or CRD, oversees and supports the rich research culture at the University of Brighton's Faculty of Arts: visit our Research home page for further information. 

Research in the creative and performing arts, architecture, design, media and the humanities is at the forefront of a thriving research culture at the University of Brighton. The Faculty of Arts has systematically pursued an explicit strategy of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, inter-relating critical theory, contemporary practices and their histories. This has generated fresh fields of interdisciplinary enquiry, and stimulated insights that question current practices and foster new understandings.

Established in 1998, the CRD is among the UK’s leading centres for high quality interdisciplinary research in the arts, design and humanities. Its key objective is to lead and enhance the Faculty's research culture, and it is designed to bring together its research communities. The CRD’s functions include:

  • guidance and support in applying for research funding;
  • monitoring the research performance of individuals, groups and centres;
  • supporting the development of research careers and ensuring the sustainability of our research communities;
  • guidance and support on award and project management;
  • guidance on research ethics; managing the forums through which decisions about research are made in the faculty.
The CRD provides a supportive research infrastructure for the faculty’s research communities. The CRD Team offers funding guidance, mentoring, and support for the development, delivery and dissemination of research projects. Located at our Grant Parade site in the heart of Brighton, we offer a range of office resources and facilities for researchers and visitors, such as rooms for research meetings, seminars or events, exhibition and presentation spaces, and video-conferencing facilities. We can accommodate researchers on study visits and offer hot-desks for visiting staff. Further information on what we offer and how to book

The Doctoral Centre is a key unit within the Centre for Research and Development and holds a key role in leading the faculty’s postgraduate research and doctoral provision, building a lively and stimulating community and providing research training for students and supervisors (internal and external). The Doctoral Centre has a dedicated administrative team and is responsible for organising research days and specialist seminars. Working with the Brighton Doctoral College, it oversees the registration, supervision, progression, quality assurance and examination of doctoral students, and manages the university’s accreditation of research degree provision at University College of the Creative Arts.

Our research initiatives, centres and groups provide hubs for research within specific areas such as Arts and Performance Practices, Design, Media, Design History and Material Culture, or Writings and Critical Practices. Focusing research alongside themes, missions, and exciting new lines of enquiry, each groups organises seminars, conferences and events, promoting dialogue, contributing to and generating publications.

Our archives and collections are thriving hubs for research in the fields of Design, Design History, early Film History, and Archival Practices; they also provide a key resource for academics and students.