Centre for Research in Memory Narrative and History

Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories

Drawing on long-standing research strengths in humanities, arts and social sciences at the University of Brighton, the Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories brings together researchers with related and complementary interests, providing a focus for research development and a platform for engagement with the wider academic community.

Emphasising the plural 'histories', the Centre engages with research on the complex relationships between present and past, dealing for example with subordinate and marginalised histories, archive practices and the complexities of popular memory. Research collaboration draws on scholarship in a range of disciplines including history, cultural studies, literary studies, sociology, cultural and human geography, visual studies, performance studies, critical theory, psycho-social studies, critical heritage studies, social anthropology, and narrative theory.

The Centre promotes dialogue about the methodological, theoretical and political issues involved in the study of memory, narrative and the making of histories, resulting in an institutional focus which embraces creative and critical practice, and encompasses academic, professional and community development. It explores the relations, and facilitates links, between academic scholarship and the work of other practitioners and stakeholders involved in making histories, in representing the past, and in producing forms of remembrance and commemoration.