Design History and Material Culture Research group banner, University of Brighton Faculty of Arts

Design History, and Material Culture Research Group

The Design History and Material Culture Research Group is an interdisciplinary collective based in the College of Arts and Humanities, University of Brighton.

We seek to extend the University’s long standing specialism in design history to an analysis of all facets of the material world, past and present. Our interests are diverse and research specialisms range from the history of dress to design and state policy, from everyday photography to sculpture and portraiture, from the heritage of contemporary conflict to the word and image of advertising, from gender and design to fashion, chemistry and colour. However, we share a commitment to a detailed investigation of all material forms that does not uphold the hierarchies of value that have separated art and design or image and object.

The Design History and Material Culture Research Group aims to:

  • support research in the field of design history and material culture
  • share knowledge of recent theoretical and methodological developments in the arts and humanities, social sciences
  • support the academic development of postgraduates and early career researchers in design history and material culture and related disciplines and fields, including art history, cultural history, dress history, history of decorative arts and visual culture
  • provide space for the free and open exchange of ideas between postgraduate students, early career researchers and established scholars