Chair project
Chair project

Design Research Brighton DR-i

Design Research from the University of Brighton's Faculty of Arts is represented through the Design Research Initiatives or DR-i. 

The mission of DR-i is to redefine and promote recognition of the fundamental significance of design research and to support research staff in their individual aims while encouraging collaboration with design researchers across many disciplines.

It is particularly concerned with the facilitation of innovative thinking and outlooks across the design spectrum, initiating appropriate design research interventions in a wide range of fields including national policy-making. It is therefore also deeply committed to the stimulation of sophisticated interpretations and understandings of design policy, practice and consumption.

Its role is to advance the outcomes of design research through a variety of mechanisms including knowledge transfers, external partnerships, publications, symposia, exhibitions and other forms of dissemination. DR-i’s research encompasses work in a variety of fields ranging from textiles to industrially manufactured items and from communications design to craft-based artefacts.

Led by Dr Joan Farrer, DR-i affiliates associate researchers from across the Faculty of Arts and the wider research community whose activities and ambitions relate to its overarching aims.

As part of its support and enhancement of design research, DR-i will explore the ways in which design interacts with, and enriches, other disciplinary fields of enquiry.

Specific themes will include: sustainable design, design and health, material innovations, processes of production and knowledge transfer and the redefinition of contemporary crafts alongside substantive strengths in design history, theory, policy and pedagogy underpinned by collaborations with the national CETLD (Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design) and the internationally significant University of Brighton Design Archives, both located in the Faculty of Arts.

External interactions with design industry are key goals for future research.