Practice-led research: useful tools

Images of practice led research in art and design at the University of Brighton

Links to institutions, web-resources, discussion sites and papers

Reports on Practice-led Research
CHEAD/AHRC Joint Initiative 'State of Play' Report, Wilson, October 2008, pdf

This short report was produced to provide information from the Art, Design and Architecture sector as part of a CHEAD/AHRC initiative. Together with similar reports from other disciplines, it provides a starting point for a future map of the intellectual and creative infrastructures supporting practice-led creative and performing arts research.

AHRC Report on Practice-Led Research in ADA 2nd ed. 2007, pdf

Appendices to AHRC Report on Practice-Led Research in ADA 2007, pdf

Types of Research in the Creative Arts and Design, 2004, Brown et al., pdf


British Practice-led Research Centres or Research Centres with a strong practice-led interest

Centre for Research Practice, Hertfordshire;
BIAD, Birmingham City University
MIRIAD Manchester Metropolitan University
Centre for Practice Led Research in the Arts, Leeds
The Art & Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam
The Centre for Practice-led Research in the Arts, Northampton
RCAD, University of North Wales
Art and Design Research Institute Ulster
CRD, Faculty of Arts and Architecture, University of Brighton
Bath School of Art and Design
Research Centre for Material Knowledge, New Bucks University
Kingston University, Faculty of Arts and Architecture
Grays’ School of Art, Research Site, Robert Gordon University
Dartington College of the Arts, University College Falmouth
Centre for Pactice as Research in the Arts, Chester

Projects/Specialist Centres,

Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE
Fflocproject, WIRAD, Newport, ‘an experimental workspace'
iRes University College Falmouth
Practice-led Research at Wimbledon (pdf)

Major Commentators Contact

Newbury, Darren - BIAD publications page with pdfs 

Macleod, Katy -  homepage, includes pdfs of articles
Niedderer, Kristina - homepage


Conference Websites/ Proceedings

Speculation and Innovation, Queensland, 2005 index to papers and pdfs
Fifth biennial Research into practice conference, October 2008
taxi-to-praxi: experimental workshop practice-led PhD, February 2008


Web-based materials/ resources

Yasmin 'to PhD or not to PhD' discussion 2008 (Özcan, Friedman, Niedderer, Barron, Rust et al.)
ADIT index of postgraduate research theses in art and design
(BIAD, Newbury) Bibliography of research in art and design, includes some pdfs


Selected Articles, Commentaries etc.

AGGLO, France, « Manifeste» pour la recherche en art

Biggs, MAR, 'Learning from Experience: approaches to the experiential component of practice-based research' 2004

Bolt, B, 'A Non Standard Deviation: handlability, praxical knowledge and practice led research' 2005

deFreitas, N, 'Activating a Research Context in Art and Design Practice' 2007

Douglas, A, Fremantle, C, Delday, H, 'The Dynamic of the Edge: practice led research into the value of the arts in marginal spaces ' 2004

Draper, P, Hall, M, Wilson, J, 'Universities, Creativity and the Real World?' 2005

Dunin-Woyseth, H, Nielsen, L, 'From Apprentice to Master: Some notes on educating design scholars and developing design scholarship' 2003

Hunt, J, 'Urban Design as Practice-led Research: The role of Stakeholders in Design Innovation' 2006

Jones, Timothy, 'The PhD in Art and Design' 2002

Jordan, P, 'Recent Developments in Practice-based/led Research in Art and Design' 2004

Mafe, D, Brown, A, 'Emergent Matters: Reflections on Collaborative Practice-led Research' 2005

McIntyre, P, 'Creative Practice as Research: "testing out" the systems model of creativity ...' 2005

McLaughlin, S, 'Valuing Insight and Judgement: ...validating contexts for practice-based research in design' 2005

Newbury, Darren, 'Knowledge and Research in Art and Design' 1996

Newbury, Darren, 'Research Perspectives in Art and Design. Introductory Essay' 1996

Nimkulrat, N, 'The Role of Documentation in Practice-led Research' 2007



AHRC guidance on submission for Practice-led Research