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Creative Industries

The social, cultural and economic value of local, national and global creative industries is acknowledged in the work of Media Research. Creative industries research is characterised by interests in the histories, economics and organisation of production, audiences and cultural consumption, processes of creative development, and the intersections between academic work and the professional media industries. The scope of this research engages with a range of creative sectors but with a particular emphasis on broadcast media, publishing and film industries. Work in these areas explores the dynamics and economics of global entertainment, manifestations of sector interdependence, communities of practice, screenwriting, narrative and storytelling, media industry practice and education, and the development and fostering of creativity in creative industry workers.

Sarah Atkinson University of Brighton

Dr Sarah Atkinson

Broadcast Media lecturer, Sarah Atkinson's practice investigates the field of digital fictional interactive storytelling.

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Course Leader FdA Television Production and Broadcast Media

Joanna MacDonnell

Joanna MacDonnell's work follows a successful career in television production, where she was part of the team on BAFTA award-winning productions.

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Gilly Smith University of Brighton

Gilly Smith

Gilly Smith's research looks at the constraints of written language and the politics of celebrity culture in food.

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Abigail Wincott

Abigail Wincott is a BBC broadcaster and lecturer in media theory and production.

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