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Popular Culture/Popular Memory

Popular culture offers insight into historical and contemporary cultural formations, and relations between political and economic power. In this context, our Media Research critically engages with cultural representations and media practices in order to promote cultural diversity and social change. Key areas of concern centre around constructions of popular and national memory, the politics of popular music journalism, popular media and animal ethics, as well as the representational politics of Reality media forms. Inequalities of class, gender, sexuality and age are at the forefront of our enquiries.

Rebecca Bramall University of Brighton

Dr Rebecca Bramall

Rebecca Bramall’s current research examines the uses of the past in contemporary austerity culture.

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Paula Hearsum University of Brighton

Paula Hearsum

Media studies lecturer Paula Hearsum specialises in Popular Music and Journalism.

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Irmi Karl University of Brighton

Irmi Karl

Leader of Media Studies, Irmi Karl has helped develop the rich media-related course provision at Brighton

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Patricia McManus University of Brighton

Dr Patricia McManus

Patricia McManus is a lecturer in media and cultural history. She works with modern cultural practices and forms especially the history of the novel.

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Gilly Smith University of Brighton

Gilly Smith

Gilly Smith's research looks at the constraints of written language and the politics of celebrity culture in food.

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