Luke A.R. Hamblin

Luke A.R. Hamblin

Luke A.R. Hamblin

Luke Hamblin’s photographic practice explores the representation and psychology of the urban experience: it confronts the inherent alienation and pretence of contemporary urban life whilst investigating our understanding and relationship with the urban space through pictorial art. Drawing on references from early twentieth century modes of portrayal: theatre; cinema; and painting, Hamblin’s photographs offer the viewer undisclosed narratives to decipher and re-construct. Utilising principles of Epic Theatre to address issues surrounding the theatrical, the dramatic, the document, and photographic truth, Hamblin examines how the tableau form mediates between the real and the artificial. He combines techniques which reflect both a documentary approach and a predetermined construction of the pictorial and investigates how photography’s relationship to painting and cinema, by means of an aesthetic rhetoric, informs our perception of the photographic.

Hamblin works collaboratively with an assembled cast of actors to explore their relationship with the urban encounter and its representation; a technique similar to the methods used by the Italian Neo-Realists. Thematically he engages with quotidian aspects of the lived experience within the urban context - places and experiences that can be identified with by the viewer. Using these real locations he then explores the relationship between the learned (lived) experiences of the urban landscape and our understanding of it through a pictorial experience (i.e. photography, painting, cinema, TV…).


(A) Room in a City. C-Type Photographic Print. 2011

(An) Apartment at Night. C-Type Photographic Print. 2010

Morning in the City. C-Type Photographic Print. 2010

Movie Theatre. C-type Photographic Print. 2011

. C-Type Photographic Print. 2011


Claire Kennard. Polaroid Print. 2010

Maia Kirby
. Polaroid Print. 2010




Gestus 5. C-Type Photographic Print. 2011