Lynn Weddle

Lynn Weddle

My practice is concerned with human relations and exploring ways in which we present ourselves through photographic portraiture.

I am intrigued by the roles that we play within the construction of an image and challenge the way in which we view each other. Through creating spaces to collaborate and investigate these notions, my practice offers my sitter the opportunity to self realise.  I guide my subjects through an experience, which offers sensitive insights, a freedom from the burden of identity and asks to be received with a kind of openness.  

The process by which the works emerge is collaborative becoming therapeutic and educational for my subjects and this is integral to my vision as an artist.  In other words the ‘social’ and ‘artistic’ meanings of the practice are wholly fused and interdependent.

I have been working as a photographic artist and artist educator since 2003.  Both my work as both a photographic artist and artist educator is concerned with social meaning.

 I have a profound commitment to the power of photography to allow my sitters as well as the viewer to learn and understand more about ourselves, others and our environment.