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About this site

The Soundwaves Festival website aims to show the diversity, vibrancy and excellence of the events and performers it represents.

The website was developed through a competition among students of the University of Brighton Faculty of Arts. The winners, Kelly Satchell and Ally Carter, presented a highly professional design suite which was used throughout the festival branding. 

Kelly Satchell www.kellysatchell.com 

Ally Carter www.allycarter.co.uk 

Their winning design is hosted through collaboration with their festival partner University of Brighton Faculty of Arts. We are grateful to Jonathan Woodham and Anne Boddington, Dean of Faculty for this.

We welcome any feedback that you believe will help us improve and maintain this resource. 

Crediting material

Every effort has been made to use images, text, sound and moving image files appropriately. If you feel in any way that this is not the case, we welcome contact in order to rectify our mistakes. 



We are currently developing this site with attention to the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) web accessibility initiative (WAI), striving to comply with all of the Priority 1 (A) and the most practical Priority 2 (AA) accessibility checkpoints.

About WAI

The WAI promotes usability and accessibility for people with disabilities. The W3C promotes good practice amongst the web community via initiatives like WAI Web Contact Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

By improving both the accessibility and usability of our sites, we are seeking to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Part Four (as amended by Special Educational Needs Disability Act 2001).

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