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Jan Hendrickse


14 - 17 JULY
12 - 6PM*
*Please note that the timings for this event have changed are are different to those in our printed programme.

Dislocation 020 3094 1660

Exploring the phenomenon of visual and aural discontinuities, Jan Hendrickse will be making a soundtrack out of contributed audio captured on mobile phones. In the lead up to the festival we invite you to record a location using a mobile phone. You can record anywhere however ordinary or extraordinary. Simply call the number above and leave a message to contribute a recording.

Contrived collusions between sound and image for emotional effect in film and advertising is so widespread as to be almost unworthy of comment. So in order to reverse this idea we are asking for your location recordings to be contributed via the VOIP telephone system. These will be assembled into a soundtrack to accompany a location video recording.

Calls cost approximately 7p per minute from mobile phones (please check with your provider for exact rates). If you prefer not to pay for the call, please call the number as usual then hang up before 20 seconds. You will be called back automatically and can then leave your message, noise or silence. 



Jan Hendrickse is a sound artist and composer. He is currently ACME studios’ Tower Hamlets artist in residence and a Sound and Music shortlisted composer. He is a graduate of the Royal College of Music, Guildhall School of music & Drama and he has an MA in Sound Art from LCC (University of the Arts) He has just completed a residency at the John Jones project space in north London. As a performer he has worked with a wide range of artists from Ornette Coleman and Howard Shore to Nitin Sawhney and Natasha Atlas. He is also featured on wide range of film soundtracks including The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Apocalypto, The Cell, Beloved, Chocolat, The Kingdom of Heaven, Four Feathers and many others. Jan was the presenter of the BBC webcast journey The Musical Nomad which toured the newly independent states of Central Asia in 1997 researching music and culture in these regions. He created collaborative pieces for a number of leading organisations including BBC proms, BBC Concert Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, Barbican Centre and recently Deptford-X festival. He has also made collaborative and participatory pieces in Gambia, Tanzania, Thailand and the Palestinian controlled areas, Gaza and the West Bank. 


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