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Lost Parade



7.50 - 8.05PM 


7 - 8.30PM



Still life with Cabbage

Synopsis: Foley artists use cabbages to simulate the sound of actions such as fights and decapitation. This performance builds on the discrepancies between sound and image with a ritual that opposes the familiar and benign with the dark and gory.

Performed by White Market and Lost Parade.


WHITE MARKET is a performance label. Founded in 2009 it creates interventions which take place within the fabric of the everyday. WHITE MARKET foregrounds the artist’s exploration of his/ her market value, exploring the body as material and gesture as form. The performers displace and subvert familiar activities, domestic rituals and materials of the everyday, playing with their logic within unfamiliar contexts. The artist’s body acts thereby as the locus for the intersection between different systems and values. The name WHITE MARKET references the rules and regulations of the established art market and plays with its opacity, deliberations and dynamics. As a performance label WHITE MARKET acts out the paradox between the values of the art market and the impossibility to commodify the performer’s body. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WHITE MARKET'S WEBSITE.

Claudia Kappenberg is a performance and media artists. Her work borrows from the everyday, appropriates, recycles and remakes, displacing familiar systems by creating others. Projects comprise screen-based installations and live site-specific events and have been shown across Europe, the US and the Middle East. Claudia is Course leader for the MA Performance and Visual Practices at the University of Brighton and founded the Lost Parade performance company with graduate students in 2008. Claudia co-founded the White Market performance label with artists Dorothea Seror in 2009 and co-curated the What If Festival, London in 2010. She is Editor of the International Journal of Screendance. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT CLAUDIA'S WEBSITE

Dorothea Seror is a performance artist and lecturer at the Academy of Art in Munich, Germany. Her interventions invite participation and provoke audiences to re-examine the social and political incongruities of the everyday. Processes of recycling and decontextualisation are central to the work. Dorothea collaborated with Cie Felix Ruckert as coach, dancer and project leader and founded the artists’ group SaDo, Apfel Ypsilon and, together with Claudia Kappenberg, the performance label WHITE MARKET. She curated artist’s films for the film festival filmnach8. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT DOROTHEA'S WEBSITE.

CREDITS - Still life with Cabbage; photo Andrew Downs, Portrait Claudia Kappenberg and Dortothea Seror (White Market): photo Tom Gonsior

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