Scholarly biography and interests

Alice Fox’s work integrates arts research and practice with educational research, developing projects that provide exemplars and research evidence on social arts practices. She develops appropriate and meaningful inclusive arts practice between artists with and without learning disabilities, and has a long history of work as Artistic Director of the learning disabled Rockets Artists Group, a post she took up in 2003. 

She is a member of the steering committee for the new Tate Research Centre: Learning, which will openly and collaboratively support high quality and innovative research in diverse fields relevant to learning in galleries and provide a platform for dialogue and debate. She is also a Trustee for the Stay Up Late charity: promoting the right of people with learning disabilities to have a choice about how they live their lives. In 2017 she won the Times Higher Education Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts in recognition for her development of educational and community practice. 

For the purposes of her own creative explorations Fox has, over the years, used a wide variety of mediums. She was the singer in the Marine Girls, recording two albums and two John Peel sessions and was also a dancer in High Spin Dance Company (integrated dance company for dancers with and without learning disabilities) performing in two national tours. She has also continued her visual arts practice with painting, embroidery, photography, animation and film-making.

Previously she was a Commercial Fellow working for the University of Brighton in the field of social enterprise and communities of practice. Since the early 1990s she has worked with people with complex learning disabilities and challenging behaviour, both in the context of arts practice and the advocacy of human rights. Fox’s connection with the University of Brighton goes back to the late 1980s where, as a student, she obtained her BA Hons in Fine Art.  

As co-researcher Alice Fox was awarded Arts and Humanities Research Council money to support the Community Gardening, creativity and everyday culture: food growing and embedded researchers in the community project. Fox's role is to support the research team and community partners to develop an arts-based research approach. 

She was awarded a Commercial Fellowship to carry out research in partnership with Prof Angie Hart from the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery. There Alice developed a series of films exploring Resilient Therapy working with children and families experiencing constellated disadvantage. 


Rocket Artists 

  Alice Fox is the Artistic Director of the Rocket Artists group which consists of fourteen artists; some have learning disabilities others are lecturers/artists at the University of Brighton. Funded by the Arts Council England since 2005 they regularly meet to make art in their own studio.  

The inclusive artists group has been awarded significant funds from the Arts Council England to deliver their artistic programme of high quality exhibitions and performances. During 2013 The Rockets have been working in partnership with the Southbank Centre to deliver the Side by Side project, an international exhibition, symposium and publication of Inclusive Arts. 

Recently Alice Fox and the Rockets have been researching, through site-specific performance, inclusive, creative methods of interacting with museum and gallery collections. Her collaborative arts-based research is used to challenge social inequalities and effect positive change. She is also exploring issues concerning diversity, creativity and the mutual benefits of diverse groups working creatively together. 

Featured works and projects

Love is a Process: Passing and Cutting

Love is a Process: Passing and Cutting

Taiwanese elders and younger museum workers came together to consider the topic of love. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung, Taiwan


Walking with Milk

Can group actions of care within vulnerability be synonymous with strength and self-empowerment? Kathmandu Triennial, 2017

Critical Manidesto

Inclusive Arts Practice and research: a critical manifesto

This book defines and explores the emerging field of Inclusive Arts through practical and theoretically in formed discussion and interviews

It's a Wrap at the Tate

It’s a Wrap Performance

The performance introduces the importance of daring to be vulnerable together.

performance at the Tate

Frozen Unfrozen

The Give and Take opening event for the Tate Exchange.

Taxi Guff Gaff/exchange KTM

Taxi Guff Gaff/exchange KTM

12 artists, writers and thinkers, 4 taxis, their drivers and Kathmandu’s monsoon roads.

Paradox of Praxis 1 #2

Paradox of Praxis 1 #2 (Pushing Together)

Ranjit and Fox, silently using the ‘practices of expanded listening’ in their performance, through the streets of Kathmandu

Side by Side Southbank Centre

An international Inclusive Arts exhibition, symposium, performance and book directed by Alice Fox alongside the Rocket Artists, March 2013

Louella and Jack

Measures of Bodies Brussels

Rocket Artists Inclusive Arts exhibition, installation and performance at the Brussels Medical Museum, 2010

Alice Fox : Charlie

Degrees of Separation

Alice Fox's film was screened at In The Frame Learning Disability Arts Conference, Tate Modern, 20 June 2005

Alice Fox : Stanmer Dragon

Art in the Woods

Alice Fox's project brought particpant artists together with the National Trust organisation for Access to Art.

Alice Fox : Overalls Installation

Access to Art

'Access to Art: From Day Centre to Tate Modern' Chapter in the Community-University Partnerships in Practice book

Alice Fox : Smudged


The Smudged performance was a vibrant mix of movement, live projection, drawing, installation, words, sound and live music at Tate Modern.

Research activity

Number of items: 15.

Fox, Alice and Donaldson, Alice (2018) Playful facilitation methods for serious purposes Journal of the Association for Management Education and Development, 25 (1). pp. 51-58. ISSN 2042-9797

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Fox, Alice (2010) Measures of Bodies Le Musee De La Medecine, Brussels, Belgium.

Fox, Alice, Ritchie, E., Archdeacon, S. and Flynn, D.J. (2008) Smudged performance: a collaboration between the Rocket Artists and Corali Dance Company [Performance]

Fox, Alice (2008) Smudged: collaboratively developed and performed site-specific performance piece [Performance]

Hart, Angela and Fox, Alice (2008) Resilient therapy: introduction to resilient therapy and related issues (motion picture) Alice Fox, UK. (Unpublished)

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Fox, Alice (2007) Art in the Woods Community-University Partnership in Practice, Sussex Downs, Brighton.

Ridley, Pauline and Fox, Alice (2007) Access to Art: From Day Centre to Tate Modern In: Hart, Angie, Maddison, Elizabeth and Wolff, David, eds. Community-University Partnerships in Practice. NIACE (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education), Leicester, UK, pp. 137-149. ISBN 9781862013179

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Fox, Alice (2005) Degrees of Separation First National Conference of Learning Disability Arts at Tate Modern,, London, UK.

Fox, Alice (2003) Degrees of Separation: Higher Education for learning disabled artists Alice Fox, Screened at In The Frame Learning Disability Arts Conference. Tate Modern, 20th June 2005.

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Performances and Exhibitions

  • Outside In: The Art of Inclusion. Rocket Artists Directed by Alice Fox are invited to exhibit artworks and Jars installation, alongside 50 international artists in The Crawford Gallery and The Atrium, City Hall, Cork. 12th - 26th September 2013
  • Side by Side.  Artistic Director Alice Fox with the Rocket Artists in partnership with the Southbank Centre, London delivered an international Inclusive Arts exhibition, performance and symposium March 2013.
  • Festival of the World.  Photographs of Rockets visual arts work and performances in large container crates outside the Royal Festival Hall June - Sept 2012
  • Who's Here, Who's Not Here Brighton Museum, Alice fox and the Rocket Artists performance group deliver a site-specific performance in Brighton Museum, May 2012.
  • Measures of Bodies, Artistic Director of site-specific performance, exhibition and 60 Jars installation Musee de la Medecine, Brussels, 28th May - 24th Sept 2010. 
  • Flowers Remembrance, Rocket Artists, Alice Fox and Jane Fox, with university arts students exhibit this installation in the University of Brighton and Phoenix studios, 2009.
  • Smudged performance a collaboration with Corali Dance, Alice Fox and the Rocket Artists, Tate Modern, May 14th 2008.
  • Stanmer Dragon, Stanmer Park, Artistic Director of a site specific sculpture created in partnership with the Brighton & Hove Countryside Services by Alice Fox, Sue Nunn, Moulsecoomb Junior School Mums’ Art Club and art students from the University of Brighton, 2007.
  • Taking Off  Rocket Artists visual art exhibition Phoenix Arts, 2007.
  • Saddlescoombe Spiral, Saddlescoombe Farm,  site specific sculpture created in partnership with the National Trust by Alice Fox, Sue Nunn, Moulsecoomb Junior School Mums’ Art Club and art students from the University of Brighton, 2006.
  • Sleeping Giant, New Timber Holt,  a site specific sculpture created in partnership with the National Trust by Alice Fox, Sue Nunn,  Hillside Family Centre mums and art students from the University of Brighton, 2005.



  • Arts & Disability Forum 2017: Shaping Perspectives, Enabling Opportunities
    co-organised by the British Council, National Arts Council & Singapore International Foundation. 20 to 21 April 2017
  • Changing the Conversation Conference Lancaster, 15th & 16th April 2013. Fox was invited to present her Side by Side research at the conference opening and sat on the opening discussion panel. It was a Paul Hamlyn Foundation and ArtsWorks conference in partnership with the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and Creative and Cultural Skills.  ArtWorks: Developing practice in participatory settings is a special initiative of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.
  • Inclusive Collaborative Practice as Arts-based Enquiry. Presentation at Embrace Create Connect learning disability arts conference, organised by Embrace Arts, Leicester University, March 2012.
  • Inclusive Collaborative Practice. Presentation at Conquering Public Spaces international learning disability arts conference. Organised by Inventura, Prague Nov 2011.
  • Inclusive Arts as Arts-based Research.  Presentation at the Spirit of Enquiry conference.  Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Smudged Performance: Using collections to collaborate artistically with people with learning disabilities. Conference presentation at MuseumsEtc museums/inclusion/engagement, Rivington Place, London, 14 Dec 2009. Also conference DVD publication,  Inclusion and Engagement.
  • The 'Creativity or Conformity' Conference: building cultures of creativity in higher education (January 2007), an international, cross-disciplinary conference hosted by Cardiff School of Art & Design UWIC in collaboration with the Higher Education Academy, Alice Fox and Jane Fox tabled a paper on the Overalls research
  • The 'Curriculum Innovation for Diversity' Conference, Sept 2006, hosted by The Higher Education Academy in collaboration with the University of York, Alice Fox presented a paper entitled Access to Art: Inclusive Learning which has been published on the conference website
  • The 'Diversity and Difference in Lifelong Learning' was organised by SCUTREA (Standing Conference on University teaching and Research in the Education of Adults). Entitled ‘Access to Art: testing the limits of diversity and inclusion,’ Alice’s paper was included in Diversity and Difference in Lifelong Learning, published by the University of Sussex and SCUTREA. Conference, July 2005
  • ‘In the Frame Learning Disability Art Conference’, Accessibility of collections and galleries workshop, presentation, Degrees of Separation film screening, Tate Modern.  Recommendations published in conference report on MENCAP website, 2005


  • Side by Side: Inclusive Arts 8 min Manifesto. Directed by Alice Fox November 2013
  • Side by Side: Performance film.  Site -specific performance in the Spirit Level Gallery, the Royal Festival Hall, 15th March 2013
  • Who's Here, Who's Not Here Performance Brighton Museum, May 2012
  • Inclusive Arts Research 10 min film featuring my research at the University of Brighton  - YouTube, 2010
  • Corali/Rockets Creative Space video featuring how to create site-specific performance in galleries using Smudged at Tate Modern as a case study, National Museums Online Learning, Tate Modern website, 2009
  • 'Resilient Therapy’ (35 mins.) Introduction to Resilient Therapy and related issues, 2008
  • Measure of Bodies, 25 min film documentation of the performance at the Musee de la Medecine, Brussels, 28th May - 24th Sept 201
  • Smudged: Performance Tate Modern is 25-minute film of the live performance on May 14th.  It captures the resulting work from an artistic collaboration between Corali Dance Company, the Rocket Artists, university painting students and Alice Fox. 2007
  • Introducing the Rocket Artists is a film funded by The Arts Council discussing the issues that surround art made by learning-disabled artists, and the moves to improve the particular circumstances that contribute to their general artistic isolation despite the quality of work being made. The film also povides a platform for the Rocket Artists' opinions and artwork. 2007
  • Overalls, a 15-minute film about a teaching-based research study in inclusive reflection and documentation in which undergraduate art students work alongside artists with learning disabilities (2006).
  • In It Together was made on behalf of the Community University Partnership Project (CUPP). The film discusses the mutual benefits of university/community engagement
  • Degrees of Separation is a 20-minute film about the Access to Art project. Shown at various screenings including the Learning Disability Art Conference ‘In the Frame’ at the Tate Modern in June 2005.

Arts Projects

current work

  • Rocket Artists Formed in 2005, funded by The Arts Council is a group of learning disabled artists and their non-disabled artist collaborators from the University of Brighton.  They are based at the Phoenix Studios, Brighton. The learning disabled artists have progressed through the Access to Art course.  Most notably they have performed and exhibited at Tate Modern, Brussels Medical Museum and The Royal Festival Hall.
  • Side by Side, Rocket Artist in partnership with Southbank Centre London delivered an international Inclusive Arts exhibition, performance and symposium in March 2013.  This was an Arts Council England funded project over two years.  Currently Alice Fox and the Rockets are working on an Inclusive Arts book
  • Artists on The Move Funded by the Grundtvig European Partnership, Lifelong Learning Programme, Nov 2011.  This is a two year knowledge exchange project between three Inclusive Arts organisations, Rocket Artists, UK, Mayfield Arts, Cork, Ireland and Kunstwerkplaats, Amsterdam,
  • Access to Art Set up in 2003 is a Higher Education Funding Council of England (HEFCE) Award-winning project where undergraduate students from across the arts and architecture faculty work alongside artists with learning disabilities, "A truely pioneering project and one that should be adopted far and wide'"(HEFC)
2005 - 2007 
  • 'Art on the Downs' is a perennial site specific sculpture project developed in partnership with the National Trust, Brighton & Hove Countryside Services, Moulsecoomb Junior School Mums’ Art Club and undergraduate art students from the University of Brighton

"One of the most worthwhile projects I have been involved in since I joined the National Trust eight years ago."
(Graham Welfare, National Trust Warden)

2008 - 2009

  • Fox worked  with Professor Angie Hart and the Resilient Therapy community of practice.  The work directly involve disabled young people in the strategic development of Resilient Therapy, through the use of visual art practices, we found new innovative ways to improve the health and well being of this marginalized group of young people

2007 - 2009

  • 'Portland Stone Project'. Working in partnership with Portland Stone Quarry Trust and Amy Cunningham, we delivered a new MA unit in site-specific arts practice, offering students the opportunity for practice-based research in a stone quarry, 
  • 'Overalls' was a research project carried out with Jane Fox funded by InQbate (Sussex University and University of Brighton).  This teaching based research carried out within the Access to Art project explored the use of overalls as a creative, inclusive medium for evaluation and documentation of artistic ideas, 2005 - 2006
  • Knowledge Exchange. Working alongside Project Artworks within the Community University Partnership Project Knowledge Exchange scheme, the Access to Art model was successfully transferred to Project Artworks and Hastings College of Art. The learning from this partnership enabled us to include people with profound disabilities and complex communication needs.

"a2a has been the first programme of work that Project Artworks has delivered in partnership with others that has been truely inclusive. That is a gift for which we are very grateful."
(Kate Adams, Director of Project Artworks and NESTA Fellow)

Invited participation

Tate Research Centre: Learning

In Sept 2013 Fox was invited by Emily Pringle, Head of Learning Practice and Research, Tate Modern to join the newly formed Tate Research Centre: Learning Steering Committee.  The research centre, once operational will support high quality and innovative research in diverse fields relevant to learning in galleries and provide a platform for dialogue and debate.

Changing the Conversation Conference Lancaster, 15th/16th April 2013

Alice Fox was invited to present her research at the conference plenary session and answer questions during the discussion panel.

A Paul Hamlyn Foundation ArtWorks conference in partnership with the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and Creative & Cultural Skills (CCSkills) ArtWorks: Developing Practice in Participatory Settings is a Special three year initiative of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


Stay Up Late Charity; Trustee since 2012 – Promoting the right of people with learning disabilities to have a choice about how they live their lives.  Fox was asked by the charity founder Paul Richards to become a Trustee.



Arts Council England have awarded the learning disabled Rocket Artists group, Directed by Alice Fox over £170,000 to deliver there arts, research and educational programmes.  They recently awarded £58,500 to deliver the Side by Sideinternational inclusive arts exhibition, symposium and publication in partnership with the Southbank Centre, London.  The Southbank contributed a further £4,000 towards the exhibition alongside the £20,000 already contributed as 'in kind' support.  In 2009 Fox was awarded £40,000 by Arts Council South East to deliver the Rockets in Residenceprogramme in partnership with the University of Brighton.  In 2005 Fox and the Rockets were awarded over £70,000 by Arts Council South East to deliver the Smudged performance at Tate Modern.

Grundtvig European Life Long Learning Fund. Alice Fox and The Rocket Artists in partnership with Mayfield Arts, Cork and The Kunstwerkplaats, Amsterdam were awarded 60,000 euros for their Artists on the Move project. Sept 2012 - Sept 2014.  In this knowledge exchange project each organisation will host a public exhibition and creative workshops for the other groups.

Arts and Humanities Research Council,  Fox as co-researcher in a community/university research team working on the Community Gardening, creativity and everyday culture project, awarded £79,500.

Since joining the university, Alice Fox’s projects have attracted funding from many different sources: The Rockets have been awarded £5,000 by the RTR Foundation, 2008.  The Overalls' research project was awarded £7,000 by InQbate (Sussex University and University of Brighton), 2007.


Times Higher Education Award: Excellence and Innovation in the Arts 2017 The University of Brighton’s pioneering MA in inclusive arts practice, founded by Alice Fox, creates radically new forms of collaboration between students and often-excluded community groups from around the world. 

Times Higher Education Award.  2008.  Access to Art is the flagship project of the Community University Partnership Programme (CUPP) team who won the award for ‘Outstanding Community Contribution’ 2008.

Higher Education Funding Council of England Award (HEFCE) awarded the 'Access to Art' project directed by Alice Fox an Outstanding Contribution Award for good practice in student volunteering, 2005.

Teaching Excellence Award, Fox was given this award from the University of Brighton in 2007, and has been nominated twice for the National Teaching Excellence Awards 2008, 2009.

Internally, Alice has been awarded funding by the following schemes:Faculty of Arts, £2000 to establish an international arts research cluster, 2008. Community University Partnership (CUPP),  £10,000, Words Are Not Enough’ Resilient Therapy community of practice to develop visual practices within resilient therapy, 2008. Aim Higher; £28,000, Brighton and Sussex University Community Knowledge Exchanges; Community University Partnership (CUPP), 2005; Learn Higher; £6,000 Joint Information Systems (JISC) for e-portfolio research , 2006 and £28,000 for the Commercial Fellowship award, 2007.  Learn Higher, £20,000, Research into HE arts education access for people with learning disabilities, 2003.


How I like to teach 


Fox's work at Brighton now involves initiating radical new arts collaborations between university staff and students and local community groups, supporting the University's contribution to social inclusion. In addition, the associated teaching based research has enhanced the quality of education provided to her students. The insights from Alice Fox's research inform all her projects including the development of the MA Inclusive Arts Practice.  This course offers the students the opportunity to work with the Rocket Artists and other marginalised groups to develop arts-based research projects.

Alice Fox is interested in finding inclusive teaching strategies and has carried out several pedagogic research projects, such as 'Overalls'.


Tate Exchange module: Student partnership through a creative collaborative approach to module co-production and evaluation, University of Brighton, UK


A Creative Exchange - University of Brighton at the Tate Modern from Arts Brighton on Vimeo.

This project, delivered at Tate Modern over an intensive 6 days, developed creative opportunities for meaningful partnership and dialogue between students and staff by using an ‘aesthetic of encounter’ (Macpherson & Fox, 2015). The project developed students as partners in both the co-production and evaluation of their module by soliciting ‘the student voice’ and employing the practices of ‘expanded listening’ (Macpherson & Fox, 2016).  A Learning and Teaching Scholarship was awarded to a team of two members of staff (an Educational Developer; an MA Course Leader) and a postgraduate student. The aim of the project was to evaluate creatively students’ learning and academic engagement in a new module on the MA Inclusive Arts Practice which gave opportunity for students and staff to engage in activities delivered at Tate Modern, London as part of the Tate Exchange programme open to the public.

This project used creative approaches alongside an ‘aesthetic of exchange’, to explore the students’, staff and members of the public’s experiences of the module collaboratively, through using creative materials, drawing, photography, sculpture making, exploratory discussion, reflective writing and video footage/interviews. Three main approaches for embedding a rhythm and framework of co-production and evaluation were used:

  1. Morning group reflections and end of day ‘tag timeline evaluations’ – discussions about students’ learning experiences informed the session plans and activities used that day. At the end of each day students reflected on learning through pertinent questions which they responded to anonymously with written comments on luggage tags, which they stuck to a timeline/gradient to rate their response. Comments on areas identified for further enquiry informed planning for the next day’s activities.
  2. Collaborative mind-mapping/ floor tape activity – in order to refine their research questions and develop peer learning and assessment groups, students produced individual topic mind-maps on the floor which they used tape to make research-interest connections with each another. This was done in a silent performative manner for the public.
  3. End of module evaluative box activity – students were given two cardboard boxes and a variety of creative materials to capture i) their personal learning and development gained through the module in the small box; ii) their ideas for improving the module in the larger box – boxes were used as a springboard for student-staff discussion about the module.
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