Dr Andrew Hammond

Andrew Hammond

arts research University of Brighton

Scholarly biography and interests

Dr Andrew Hammond is a Senior Lecturer in English Literature. He completed his BA and MA degrees at the University of Leicester, and achieved British Academy funding for his doctoral research at the Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Warwick, gaining the award of PhD in 2002. In 1998, he also gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (in Further and Higher Education) at Cardiff University.

Before his appointment at the University of Brighton in September 2008, Dr Hammond taught at the University of Glamorgan and the Swansea Metropolitan University. In both research and teaching, he has pursued interests in cross-cultural representation, twentieth-century British literature and postcolonial writing and theory. He has published some twenty articles and four books on such subjects, including The Debated Lands: British and American Representations of the Balkans (University of Wales Press, 2007) and Cold War Literature: Writing the Global Conflict (Routledge, edited 2006).

Dr Andrew Hammond’s research has focused primarily on British fiction and travel writing, and has addressed such issues as exile, decadence, identity, imperialism and cross-cultural representation. His early research was concerned with British and American discourse on south-East Europe from the early nineteenth century to the present day, analysing the forms of power this discourse has supported. His publications on the subject include Through Another Europe: An Anthology of Travel Writing on the Balkans (Signal Books, edited 2009) and The Debated Lands: British and American Representations of the Balkans (University of Wales Press, 2007).

In recent years, Dr Hammond has begun a research project on British literature and the Cold War. His concern is the manner in which the political, military and ideological conflicts of the 1945-1989 period were explored in literary fiction, including the work of Graham Greene, Anthony Burgess, Muriel Spark, JG Ballard, Ian McEwan, Doris Lessing and Alan Sillitoe. His major publication on the topic is Cold War Literature: Writing the Global Conflict (Routledge, edited 2006).

Dr Hammond would welcome PhD applications in the areas of British travel writing and post-1945 British fiction, particularly that of the Cold War period. 

Research activity 

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