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A Space Without A Use

Conceived for the Performance Arcade, Wellington New Zealand this project asks whether we can imagine a space which serves for and relates to nothing.

Slow Races

Slow Races 2014 continued the exploration of the use of uselessness through a series of performed and participatory interventions.

The use of uselessness

The Use of Uselessness

Transient performed actions and durational interventions within a capitalist framework.

Fürstliches Vergnügen/ Royal Pleasures 2012

Fürstliches Vergnügen/ Royal Pleasures

Reveals and critiques a systemic and skewed determination of values within the art institution and the culture at large.

Claudia Kappenberg, Trophäen/ Trophies , University of Brighton Faculty of Arts

Trophäen/ Trophies

The performance work is a deliberate performance of useless acts, making space for alternative modes of experience.

Claudia Kappenberg: Bread Tools and Mittens. Oberland Performance Art Festival-Grenzart 1, Kirschau, Germany. May 2010. Photo by Dorothea Seror.

Bread Tools and Mittens

This is a new performance project, in which a body is restrained and impeded from performing it a normal fashion.

Claudia Kappenberg: Upon The Place Beneath

Upon the Place Beneath

Brings together a collection of objects/materials from the everyday with a minimal choreography inspired by Beckett's insistence on the almost nothing

Claudia Kappenberg: Extreme Ironing 2008

Extreme Ironing 2008

The work takes its title from a new sport, whereby people undertake to iron clothes in adventurous locations.

Claudia Kappenberg: Greenhouse

Extreme Ironing 2007

A site-specific performance conceived for Vogelfrei, the 7th Biennale in Darmstadt, which takes place in the city's streets and gardens.

Claudia Kappenberg: Flush

Flush; or the Possibility of Moving Towards an Impossible Goal

Drawing on dance and the visual arts, the work uses silent gestures and movements of the everyday to perform absurd repetitions and impossible tasks.

Claudia Kappenberg: Moebius

Long Wave/Moebius

The work explores motion metaphorically and practically and visualises the individual as a composite of complex particular conditions.

Research activity 

Repository holdings 

Number of items: 26.

Kappenberg, Claudia (2017) Too much of the Self In: Dalmasso, F. and Jamet, S., eds. La syncope dans la performance et les arts visuels = Syncope in performing and visual arts. Editions Le Manuscrit, Paris, pp. 75-100. ISBN 9782304046243

Kappenberg, Claudia (2017) A Space Without A Use [Performance]

Kappenberg, Claudia (2017) Incognito Repères, cahier de danse, 38-39. pp. 13-15. ISSN 2112-5147

Kappenberg, Claudia and Whatley, Sarah (2016) On All This Can Happen, The International Journal of Screendance [Edited Collections]

Kappenberg, Claudia (2016) An Interdisciplinary Reading of Entr'acte In: Rosenberg, D., ed. The Oxford Handbook of Screendance Studies. Oxford Handbooks . Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199981601

Kappenberg, Claudia (2016) The use of uselessness as a strategy for contemporary performance practice Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Kappenberg, Claudia (2015) The politics of discourse in hybrid art forms In: Boulègue, Franck and Hayes, Marisa C., eds. Art in Motion: Current Research in Screendance. University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center, Cambridge, pp. 21-29. ISBN 9781443871266

Kappenberg, Claudia (2014) Honey Hat [Digital and visual media]

Kappenberg, Claudia (2014) Abandoning to Worklessness In: BildEvidenz: All This Can Happen, Freie Universitaet Berlin, 12 July 2014.

Kappenberg, Claudia (2014) Slow Races [Performance]

Kappenberg, Claudia (2014) All human beings are born useless and equal in uselessness [Performance]

Rosenberg, Douglas, Kappenberg, Claudia and Cleghorn, Elinor (2014) After Deren [Edited Collections]

Kappenberg, Claudia (2013) Difference between one who knows and one who undergoes [Performance]

Kappenberg, Claudia (2013) Film as Poetry The International Journal of Screendance, 3. pp. 184-214. ISSN 2154-6878

Kappenberg, Claudia and Seror, Dorothea (2012) Royal Pleasures (Fürstliches Vergnügen) [Performance]

Kappenberg, Claudia and Rosenberg, Douglas (2012) The International Journal of Screendance, issue 2 [Edited Collections]

Kappenberg, Claudia (2011) Trophäen/ Trophies [Performance]

Rosenberg, Douglas and Kappenberg, Claudia (2010) The International Journal of Screendance [Edited Collections]

Kappenberg, Claudia and Rosenberg, Douglas (2010) International Journal of Screendance, issue 1 Parallel Press, Wisonsin, Madison, USA.

Kappenberg, Claudia (2010) What If... Festival [Exhibition]

Kappenberg, Claudia (2009) Does screendance need to look like dance? International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 5 (2-3). pp. 89-105. ISSN 1479-4713

Kappenberg, Claudia (2008) Upon the place beneath [Performance]

Kappenberg, Claudia (2008) Extreme Ironing [Performance]

Kappenberg, Claudia (2007) Exhausting the Screen In: Open Source [Video Dance], 20-23 Nov 2007, Findhorn, Scotland.

Kappenberg, Claudia (2007) Extreme Ironing 7th Biennale at Darmstadt, Volelfrei, Germany.

Kappenberg, Claudia (2006) Long Wave/Moebius Dance on Screen, The Place Theatre, London, UK.

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Research and curating in screendance and performance 

(2017) “The use of Uselessness”, in H. Blades (ed), Performing Process. Bristol: Intellect Publishing,forthcoming 

(2017) “Arrows Fly”, in Christian Patracchini (ed), Zeno’s Paradoxes, London: Zeno Press 

(2017) “Too Much Self”, in  Ed. FTJ Dalmasso and Stephanie Jamet (ed), La Syncope dans la performance et les arts visuels - Syncope in Performing and Visual Arts. Paris: Editions Le Manuscript

(2017) “Incognito”, in Marisa Hayes (ed), Dancing Museums, Repères, Cahier de danse. Val-de-Marne: la Briqueterie 

(2016) All This: Writings on All This Can Happen, special issue of The International Journal of Screendance, Eds Kappenberg, C (University of Brighton) with Sarah Whatley (Coventry University)

(2016) "An interdisciplinary reading of the film Entr'Actein Douglas Rosenberg (ed), The Oxford Handbook of Screendance Studies, NY: Oxford University Press

(2015) "The politics of discourse in hybrid art forms", in Marisa Hayes (ed), Art in Motion, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press

(2015) Invited keynote at Light Moves, Festival of Screendance, Limerick, Ireland, 20 November 2015 

(2014) Abandoning to Worklessness, invited paper, Bildevidenz, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, July 2014 

(2014) The Body in Screendance, Chair of Panel, Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne, Le Creusot, Bourgogne France, May 2014

(2013) The Use of Uselessness, paper given at APRI Symposium, University of Brighton, November 2013 

(2013) After Deren, publication of the third issue of the International Journal of Screendance, Eds Kappenberg, C (University of Brighton) and Douglas Rosenberg (University of Wisconsin-Madison, US), incl. Kappenberg, C., 'Film as Poetry', Vol3, Autumn 2013

(2013) A choreographic reading of the film Entr'Acte, paper given at the Video Dance Festival of Burgundy, LARC National Theatre of Burgundy, France

(2012) A choreographic reading of the film Entr'Acte, paper given at the Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS), Philadelphia US

(2012) Curation of Audio Conversations, as part of What Matters, a choreographed exhibition drawing from work in film, dance, live and visual art curated by Lucy Cash and Becky Edmunds, at the Siobhan Davis Studios, London UK.

(2012) Scaffolding the Medium, publication of the second issue of the International Journal of Screendance, Eds Kappenberg, C (University of Brighton) and Douglas Rosenberg (University of Wisconsin-Madison, US).

(2011) Invited keynote at Symposio Pensar la Videodanza III, Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

(2011) Screendance Symposium at the Sallis Benney Theatre, University of Brighton, UK; an AHRC funded Symposium which disseminated the research of the International Screendance Network and presented extracts of the second issue of the International Journal of Screendance; guest speakers included Catherine Wood, Curator Contemporary Performance, Tate Modern; Siobhan Davies, choreographer; Miranda Pennell, film-maker and David Hinton, film-maker.

(2010) The AHRC Screendance Network launched the new International Journal of Screendance, the first-ever scholarly journal dedicated to the growing area of inter-disciplinary practice of Screendance. Launch at the American Dance Festival, Durham, North Caroline, June 2010.
Editors: Douglas Rosenberg and Claudia Kappenberg. incl. Kappenberg, C., The Logic of the Copy, From Appropriation to Choreography, Vol1, Spring 2010

(2010) What If… festival, A festival drawing from work in film, dance, live and visual art co-curated by 5 artists with a background in dance, visual art and film-making. The co-curators were Lucy Cash, Becky Edmunds, Claudia Kappenberg and Chirstinn Whyte with Gill Clarke from Independent Dance.

The festival broke new grounds in the curation of screendance, situating it within a wider discourse of moving-image, live performance and choreographic practices.What if… commissioned 10 writers to respond to the works exhibited in the festival and the writing was published in a dedicated issue of the Dance Theatre Journal (February 2011)

(2009) A new Network for Discourse and Publication in Screendance, paper at ARCHIV/ PRAXIS (November), Institut für Theaterwissenschaft, Universität Leipzig, Germany

(2009) Does Screendance need to look like dance?, paper given at Exploring the screen as a site for choreography, Screen dance research event (April), University of Bristol, Department of Drama, Theatre, Film & Television, Cantocks Close, Bristol, UK

(2008) Does Screendance need to look like dance?, paper given at Screendance, State of the Art 2, at the American Dance Festival, Duke University, North Carolina

(2008) Paradoxical Bodies, curated screening of British video art and screendance at Screendance, State of the Art 2, at the American Dance Festival, Duke University, North Carolina

(2007) Exhausting the Screen, paper given at 'Open Source - Video Dance 2' conference at Findhorn, Scotland, to be published by Goat Media in 2008

(2007) A reading of the film Entr’Acte, paper given at MOVES, International Screen Choreography Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester

(2005) Hilde Holger Centenary, video presentation for centenary of Choreographer Hilde Holger, Austrian Cultural Forum, London

(2004) The Use of Uselessness, presentation for Plato’s Symposium, The Leleg Institute, Bodrum, Turkey

(2003) The Unknown Other in Performance, an exploration of Luce Irigaray’s concept of the Other, paper given at Conference for Dance Improvisation, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

(2003) T/Reason, presentation and screening of work for public research debate for the Royal College of Art at the Serpentine Gallery, London

(2003) Chair of panel discussion with Yvonne Rainer and Deborah Hay London International Summerschool, Greenwich Dance Agency London

(2001) Turbulence Magnetique, video screenings and conference presentation, Alba University, Beirut, Lebanon


Selected performances and exhibitions

A Space Without A Use, Durational performance, Performance Arcade, Wellington New Zealand (March 2017), and Hastings Fringe, Hastings UK (October 2017).  

Slow Races, including: Slow Races#1 (garden gnomes)performed by Andrew Barker, Andrew James, Andrew Downs, Andre Verissimo, Nic Sandiland, Kate Brown, Katy Pendlebury, Slow Races#2 (buckets)Slow Races#3 (scooter murmuration)

  • Slow Races#1 (garden gnomes) Hastings Fringe, Hastings, 3 Sept 2016
  • Slow Races#1 (garden gnomes) Acts-Re-Acts, Wimbledon School of Art, London, 25 Feb 2016 
  • Slow Races#1 (garden gnomes)The Space, St Leonards Warrior Square, St Leonards-on-Sea, 10 October 2015
  • Slow Races#1,#2 and #3, Dear Serge, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill July 2014 

All human beings are born useless and equal in uselessness, performed text. The General Assembly of Garden Gnomes calls for the human right to uselessness. Performance at:

  • IDOCDE, ImPulsTanz, Vienna, Austria, 29 July 2016
  • Voila Mixed Tape, Cockpit Theatre, London (13/11/2015)
  • Biennale Vogelfrei 2015, Symposium im Darmstadtium, Darmstadt Germany (11/07/2015)
  • SOS Performance Art Faction, Unit 7 Enclave, 50 Resolution Way, London (2/05/2015)
  • Dancing Economies: Currency, Value and Labour, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham (February 2015)
  • Body and Space, Middlesex University London, UK (September 2014)
  • Neoliberalism and Everyday Life, Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, University of Brighton, UK (September 2014)
  • Labouring with no matter, Circus Street Market, University of Brighton, UK (July 2014)
  • Dear Serge, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill (July 2014)
  • Performing Process: Sharing Practice, Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University UK (June 2014)
  • Ludus Festival, Leeds University, UK (April 2014)
  • Body Performance Festival, Bath Artists' Studios, Bath Spa (March 2014)
  • Flows ] Performance Space [ London UK (March 2014)
  • Symposium Monica Ross, University of Brighton, UK (8 March 2014)

Difference between one who knows and one who undergoes, durational performance. A garden gnome celebrates her ornamental self and undertakes to do nothing. Performed at:

  • Site/Space, Lime House, London UK (December 2013)
  • University of Roehampton, UK (November 2013)
  • Vogelfrei 10, Biennale Darmstadt, Germany (August 2013)

Honey Hat, performance as part of Fading, Anatumn's Abode, London Limehouse (June 2013), screen-based version premiered at Light Moves, Festival of Screendance, Limerick Ireland (November 2014)

WHITE MARKET, a performance label which researches contemporary performance practices and marketing strategies for performance art. Collaborative project by Claudia Kappenberg and Dorothea Seror

  • 'Rose Royce', performed by White Market, Matchpoint, Einstein Kultur Centre, Munich Germany (February 2013)
  • 'Royal Pleasures/ Fürstliches Vergnügen', performed by White Market with Anke Mey, KunstTreffpunkt, Prinz-Georg Garten, Damstadt Germany (April 2012)
  • 'Stillife with Cabbage,' performed by White Market and Lost Parade, Soundwaves Festival, Brighton UK (July 2011)
  • 'Cabbage Heads', performed by White Market and Lost Parade, Soundwaves Festival, Brighton UK (July 2011)
  • 'Trophäen/Trophies,' interventions by White Market, Vogelfrei 9, Schloß Kranichstein, Darmstadt Germany (June - October 2011)
  • White Market at 'Infr'actions,' Venice, 1st - 4th June 2011; including “(not) performing artist”, Giardini (1st June); “Open Situation”, performance event with two founder members of Black Market (Tomas Ruller and Zygmunt Piotrowski), Piazza San Marco (2nd June); “Swan Canal“, Piazza Arsenale, durational performance (3rd June) 
  • 'White Market' Market Stall at the Klohäuschen, Munich Germany, July 2010.
  • White Market Market Stall at GrenzART 1, Oberland Performance Art Festival, Kirschau Germany (May 2010)
  • Launch of White Market, Performance lecture, at the Gasteig, Munich (Dec 2009)

Bread Tools and Mittens, performance with tools baked of dough and mittens made of bread confine a body and challenge society’s imperative on the individual to produce. Performed at:

  • GrenzART 1, Oberland Performance Art Festival, Kirschau Germany (May 2010)
  • S.C.U.M Dinner, Chelsea College of Art, London (February 2009)
  • Living Landscapes, Aberystwyth University, (June 2009)
  • Bodies in Motion: Explorations in Perception and Performance, Florida Atlantic University, Florida (December 2008)
  • Waldkunstpfad 08, Darmstadt Germany (August/ September 2008)

Upon the Place Beneath, directed by Claudia Kappenberg and performed by Lost Parade. A performed sonic exploration of the entropic. A minimal choreography inspired by Beckett's insistence on the almost nothing brings together a collection of objects and materials from the everyday. Performed at:

  • The Eagle Document: The New Collection of Enumerated Things at The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Queen Anne Court, University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London (June 2009)
  • Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin and Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Eire (Nov 2008)
  • Soundwaves Festival 2008
, University of Brighton, UK (June 2008)

Extreme Ironing, durational performance;

  • Soundwaves Festival, Brighton Station, UK (June 2008); a probable but absurd ritual of ironing discarded newspapers for commuters, performed by Claudia Kappenberg with Lost Parade
  • Vogelfrei, Biennale 07 Darmstadt, Germany (27 October - 11 November 2007); ironing autumn leaves in a private garden, performed by Claudia Kappenberg
Flush, or the Possibility of Moving Towards an Impossible Goal, site-specific outdoor performance, whereby two performers pursue an impossible goal; they scoop water from one side of a bridge and poor it into the other, whilst working in opposition to each other;
  • ‘News From Nowhere: Visions of Utopia’, William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, London 2005; performed by Claudia Kappenberg with Jen Sanders
  • ‘Controlled Democracy’, The White Space Gallery, London 2004; exhibited as video installation
  • Centre D’Art en Ile, Geneva, Switzerland 2002; performed by Claudia Kappenberg and Elgin Clausen

Composition of the Arbitrary, an unpredictable pattern is created by a group of performers measuring their individual pulse as a basis for sitting, standing and clapping. Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Arts, London (January 2004)

Umbracadabra, durational performance, Hazira Performing Arts, Jerusalem, Israel (2001); heavy metal eyelashes impede a performer from opening her eyes so that she can only negotiates a space through touch.

Zim-Zum in Taffeta, Gallery Piano Nobile, Geneva CH (2001); a body lies motionless on a wooden beam in a space while a video expands and contracts the space in the rhythm of her breath.


Screenings and screen-based installations


  • Honey Hat (2014), Light Moves, Festival of Screendance, Limerick Ireland


  • Words in Silence, video installation in the old police cells of the Townhall, Soundwaves Festival, Brighton


  • Architectures of Silence, video screenings with live performance via skype and live music, in collaboration with Spanish composer José Sánchez-Verdú, Hofkirche Munich, Germany
  • Moebius, installation at 'What If… Festival,' Siobhan Davies Studio, London, 7 - 11 April 2010; further screening at Cinecity, University of Brighton, UK


  • Stacking Incidentals, video installation, a collaborative work with the Oolith Project as part of Seeing Through Stone, exhibition at The Drill Hall, Easton Lane, Isle of Portland, Dorset, July to October 2009
  • Moebius, installation at The Park Gallery, Falkirk Scotland, April 2009
  • Moebius, screenings at Cinemoves, touring Australia (Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Darwin), May 2009;
International Video Dance Festival, Le Breuil, Burgundy, France, 2009.
Sans Soucis Festival of Dance Cinema, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado, US, March 2009


  • Dial, online performance with Australia, Brazil, Macedonia and Germany, whereby passer-bys interact making collages out of local daily newspapers, Artistic director Horst Konietzny, Munich, Germany
  • Moebius, premiere of project as video installation, Moves 08, MMU Manchester, April 08. Additional screenings at: Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology, Ammerman Centre, Connecticut; 4th International Dance Film Festival, Yokohama Zaim, Japan; Montage Video Dance Festival, FNB Dance Umbrella, Johannesburg, South Africa


  • Moebius, video 2007. Screenings at Videodance 2007, Athens/ Thessaloniki, Greece; American Dance Festival, Durham, North Carolina, US; Danca Em Foco, International Festival of Videodance, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Dance Films at Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Dance and Choreography, Virginia USA; Art Tech Media, Madrid Spain


  • Long Wave, video 2006, screening at Dance on Screen, The Place, UK 2006, and selected for touring with 'Dance on Screen on Tour', Italy. Screening at Reeldance, International Dance on Screen Festival, curated by Justine Shih Pearson (AUS) and Gitta Wigro (UK), touring New Zealand and Australia
  • Muscle is Mind, video screening to accompany live performance of Arvo Part's 'Fratres', for Scratch the Surface, multimedia event at Brighton Fringe Festival, May 2006.
Further screening International Dance-Video Festival, Rivoli Teatro Municipal, Porto Portugal,
and at 'Attitude', Centre for Contemporary Public Arts, Bitola, Macedonia


  • Duckcheck video, screening at La Batie Festival, Geneva, Switzerland 2004


  • Dancing Dollies, video 1996, screenings at 'Prema Arts Centre,' Gloucester 2001; Jardin Solidaire, Paris, 2002; ASPEX GALLERY Portsmouth 2003

2001 - 2002

  • Vieil Aller Vieux Arrets, video 2001, installation for Reflections of the Floating World/ Japan 2001, touring Manchester, Darlington, Edinburg


  • Aeolus, site-speific film/video installation Aldwych Underground, London 2001
  • Turbulence Magnetique, video conference Alba University, Beirut, Lebanon 2001


  • Words in Silence, video, screening at Biennale of the Moving Image, Gallery Piano Nobile,
Geneva, Switzerland; Hazira Performing Arts, Jerusalem, Israel 2001; Alba University, Beirut Lebanon 2001
  • Leaving Home, video installation, Standpoint Gallery, London UK
  • Journeys, educational video project with the deaf community, Camden Arts Centre, London 1999, with screenings at Tate Modern, London 2000 and The National Film Theatre 2003 and abroad

Grants and awards

(2014) Arts Council London, Grant for 'Slow Races', a performance project for the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill July 2014

(2012) University of Brighton Springboard Grant, for moving-image project in the Performance and Visual Art academic programme

(2010) Arts Council London, Grant for Curatorial Group to run the 'What If… Festival,' Siobhan Davies Studios, London March-April

(2009) Artist’s Residency, October - December 2009, Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany

(2009) Awarded AHRC Network Grant for Research into Discourse and Publication on Screendance. The project runs for two years and includes US and UK-based researchers and scholars (April 2009 - July 2011)

(2009) Awarded Sabbatical from University of Brighton (January 2009)

(2008) Artist’s Residency, 1 - 31 September 2008, Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany

(2007) Faculty Research Support Fund, Development of collaborative Oolith Research Project with Amy Cunningham and Conall Gleeson in partnership with Portland Sculpture Quarry Trust

(2005) Faculty Research Fund UoB, ‘Contrasting physical reality with a surreal digital environment’

(2001) Research Fund Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Aeolus, a film and video installation at Aldwych Underground, London’

(2001) British Council Funding for performance and teaching in Jerusalem, Israel

(2000) Chisenhale Dance Space, ‘Movement and Video Research Grant’

(1996) William Brooker Scholarship, Wimbledon School of Art


Citations and reviews

"Allen diesen einstigen Kuschelbären und Knuddelhasen wird es in den nächsten Wochen im „White Market“ so ergehen, wie es einst den Hirschen, Hasen und Wildschweinen unter den Darmstädter Landgrafen erging. Nur dass sie nicht zu Wildbret verarbeitet oder als Trophäen gesammelt, sondern die abgetrennten Köpfe in einer Wurfbude aufgestellt und am Ende die Plüschbälge zu amorphen Kunstgebilden umgestaltet werden. (…)"
(Hein, R; Kunstbiennale "Vogelfrei", Jäger und Sammler im alten Park, FAZ, Frankfurter Allgemeine, 03 July 2011)

"Ein paar Schritte weiter noch so ein Hingucker: Claudia Kappenberg und Dorothea Seror haben ein paar Hunderte Stofftiere wie zur Jagdstrecke ausgelegt und veranstalten ein Kuscheltiermassaker: "Wir schneiden Tieren unter anderem die Köpfe ab, weil wir Trophäen sammeln, genau so wie hier in diesem Jagdschloss um 1600, 1700 Trophäen von Hirschen gesammelt wurden" – "Frage: Rechnen Sie mit Tränen von Kindern?" – "Nein, nicht von Kindern. Kinder haben selbst diese Lust zu zerstören, eher von den Eltern, die angstvoll denken, ihren Kindern könnte hier etwas Schlimmes gezeigt werden." 
(Haubitz, A; Vogelfrei: Jäger & Sammler, hr2-kultur, 21June 2011)

"Claudia Kappenberg's Upon the Place Beneath. Six movement artists stood gracefully moving their arms, silently at first, until they began to release beads from their hands which poured down on to various resonant objects and created a random interplay of sounds. Everyone seemed gripped - it looked beautiful, sounded interesting, we wondered what it might mean."
(Irish Times, Wednesday November 19, 2008)

  • Whyte, C; Round-up of UK's dance and video, Filmwaves, November 2009
  • Citations for 'Moebius', premiere of video installation, MOVES 08, Manchester Metropolitan University, April 08
  • Claudia Kappenberg in conversation with Pascale Moyse, Curator, Festival Brochure MOVES 08, MMU Manchester
  • Whyte, C; Multiplying Screens and Means, Real Time 85 (www.realtimearts.net/article/85/9042), June-July 2008
  • A television interview with Kappenberg and the festival curator Pascale Moyse of 'Moves 08' took place on Channel M, Manchester, 22nd April 2008 (Yet to receive the URL for the archive of the program)
  • Review on 'Paradoxical Bodies', curated screening at Screendance, State of the Art 2, at the American Dance Festival, Duke University, North Carolina
  • Brady Nuse, A; Report on Screendance: State of the Art 2, Move The Frame, 18th July 2008

Juries, consultancy and editorial boards

(2016) 100th anniversary of Maya Deren Festival in 2017, Consultancy for symposium and festival with Tanzrauschen e.V. Wuppertal (forthcoming)

(2016) Patronage for new Screendance Festival in Bordeaux, Cinéma Jean Eustache and Université Populaire de Bordeaux, France (forthcoming)

(2014) Jury member for Screendance Submissions, 28th Leeds International Film Festival

(2010) Editor and Founder of the International Journal of Screendance, published by Parallel Press, University of Wisconsin US (ongoing)

(2009) Peer-reviewer for the AHRC and contemporary journals in the field of dance, performance and screendance (ongoing)

(2009) Guest lecturing and workshops in performance practices at the Fine Art Academie Munich, Germany (2009), and previously at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, US; Acadmie des Beaux Arts, Grenoble, France; Hazira Performing Arts, Jerusalem, Israel.

(2008) South East Dance, Brighton. Consultancy for Screendance Festival, December

(2002) Chisenhale Artist’s Board, Selection Panel and consultancy for artist’s projects

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