Dr Deborah Madden

Deborah Madden

arts research University of Brighton

Dr Deborah Madden is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and has published the monographs The Paddington Prophet: Richard Brothers's Journey to Jerusalem and A Cheap, Safe and Natural Medicine’: Religion, Medicine and Culture in John Wesley’s Primitive Physic, along with journal articles on religion, medicine and culture in the eighteenth century.

Based at the University of Brighton in Hastings, Dr Madden is a Senior Lecturer and is responsible for coordinating the teaching and learning for the Common Modules on the Joint Honours Programme, as well as teaching Social History.

Dr Deborah Madden is also a Visiting Research Fellow in the Centre for Intellectual History at the University of Sussex.  In this role she has completed work for the 'Dissenting Academies Project', which forms part of a multi-authored volume forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.

Prior to this, Dr Madden worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the 'Prophecy Project' in the Theology Faculty at the University of Oxford following her AHRB funded DPhil in Modern History at Lincoln College, Oxford.