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The Trojan horse

Researching the growth of commercial sponsorship

Fairground attractions

Eaxmining the use of literary narratives in carnival attractions from tthe late eighteenth century to the present day

The empire of romance

Researching romantic fiction in a postcolonial context

Mapping literary Britain

Addressing the use of literary figures in the promotion of tourism

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Philips, Deborah (2019) In defence of reading trash

Philips, Deborah (2019) ‘Remind me to remind you, we said we’d never look back’ Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds, Salad Days,1954 Sandy Wilson, The Boy Friend and the Nostalgia of Camp

Philips, Deborah (2016) Education free for all: outsourcing, contracts and conflicts of interest in the UK In: Rudd, Timothy and Goodson, Ivor, eds. Negotiating Neoliberalism: Developing Alternative Educational Visions. Studies in Professional Life and Work . Sense Publishers, Boston USA, pp. 101-116. ISBN 9789463008525

Philips, Deborah (2016) "Cooking doesn't get much tougher than this": MasterChef and Competitive Cooking Journal of Popular Film and Television, 44 (3). pp. 169-178. ISSN 0195-6051

Philips, Deborah (2016) Making Do and Mending - Domestic Television in The Age of Austerity: Kirstie Allsopp’s Kirstie’s Homemade Home In: Day, Amber, ed. DIY Utopia: Cultural Imagination and the Remaking of the Possible. Rowman and Littlefield, USA. ISBN 9781498523882

Philips, Deborah (2015) The New Miss India: Popular Fiction in contemporary India Women: A Cultural Review, 26 (1-2). pp. 96-111. ISSN 0957-4042

Philips, Deborah (2014) Women's Fiction from 1945 to today Bloomsbury Academic, London. ISBN 9781441104267

Philips, Deborah and Shaw, Katy (2013) Literary Politics [Edited Collections]

Philips, Deborah and Whannel, Garry (2013) The trojan horse: the growth of commercial sponsorship Bloomsbury Academic, London. ISBN 9781472507389

Philips, Deborah (2012) Fairground attractions: a genealogy of the pleasure ground Bloomsbury Academic, London. ISBN 9781849664912

Philips, Deborah (2011) Mapping literary Britain: tourist guides to literary landscapes 1951-2007 Tourist Studies, 11 (1). pp. 21-35. ISSN 1468-7976

Philips, Deborah (2011) The empire of romance: love in a postcolonial climate In: Gilmour, Rachael and Schwarz, Bill, eds. End of empire and the English novel since 1945. Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 114-133. ISBN 9780719085789

Philips, Deborah (2007) ‘Talking Books: sound and canon in the recorded book industry’ Convergence, Volume 13 (August 2007). pp. 293-306.

Philips, Deborah (2007) A New Kind of Jewish Woman In: Tylee, Claire, ed. "In the open": Jewish women writers and British culture. University of Delaware, Delaware, USA. ISBN 0874139333

Philips, Deborah (2006) Writing Romance: Women’s Fiction 1945-2005 Continuum, London, UK.

Philips, Deborah and Whannel, Garry (2006) The Trojan Horse: Commercial Sponsorship as advertising Media International Australia, 119. pp. 62-73. ISSN 1329-878X

Philips, Deborah (2006) Women's fiction 1945-2005: writing romance Continuum, London, UK. ISBN 0826487467

Philips, Deborah (2005) Transformation scenes: the television interior makeover International Journal of Cultural Studies, 8 (2). pp. 213-229. ISSN 1367-8779

Philips, Deborah (2005) Transformation scenes: the television interior makeover International Journal of Cultural Studies, 8 (2). pp. 213-229. ISSN 1367-8779

Philips, Deborah (2005) The Althusserian moment again In: Wayne, Mike, ed. Understanding film: Marxist perspectives. Pluto Press, London. ISBN 978074531993

Philips, Deborah (2004) Stately pleasure domes - nationhood, monarchy and industry: the celebration exhibition in Britain Leisure Studies, 23 (2). pp. 95-108. ISSN 1466-4496

Philips, Deborah (2003) Future imperfect: versions of science in the theme park New Formations, 49. pp. 136-149. ISSN 0950-2378

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Journalism and other publications

  • 'WLM@40 - Report Back' for History Workshop Journal Issue 70, 2010, pp. 293-297
  • Douglas Adams - essay entry in British Fantasy and Science-Fiction Writers since 1960 ed. Harris Fain, Darren Dictionary of Literary Biography Thompson Gale, 2004, pp.3-8
  • Diegesis: The Journal of the Association of Popular Fictions, Guest editor and introduction, 2001
  • 'Working Class Fiction', Chapter 309 Annotated Bibliography of Resources for English Studies, CD Rom,ed. Robert Clark August 1996 (continuing editorship)
  • 1982-1988 City Limits magazine, Regular reviews, features and interviews for Fiction and Visual Arts sections
  • 1984-1986 Women's Review magazine, features, interviews and reviews, editorial
  • 1985-1987 The Stage Drama and Dance Reviews for the Edinburgh Festival ed. Griffiths and Woddis, Bloomsbury Theatre Guide, authored entries include:Brecht, Beckett, Chekhov, Delaney, Shaw, Lorca, Osborne,Pinter, Strindberg, Wilde. Bloomsbury, 1988
  • Discourse: an interdisciplinary handbook for students and Tutor's notes (with Graham Dawson), Polytechnic of North London publications, 1988
  • Angel in the House: Images of Nineteenth Century Women (editor and introduction) City University Publications, 1981

International conferences

  • 'Noblesse Oblige: lifestyle training and femininity in reality television' Crossroads Cultural Studies conference, Jamaica, July, 2008
  • 'From Worlds Fairs to Disneyworld' IAMCR conference, Stockholm, July 2008
  • ‘Chivalric Romance in the Theme Park‘ for the Narrative Conference, MIT Boston, May 2005
  • ‘Consuming the West: Main Street USA’ for Disney Conference, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (invited panel member), November, 2000
  • 'Explorer heroes' for the American Association of Popular Culture Conference, Orlando, Florida, April 1998
  • 'Carnival and the genres of Utopia' for Atlas International Conference, Insitute of Vino do Castelo, Portugal, September 1997
  • 'The Half Crown House' Accelerating Time and Leisure LSA/VVS conference, Wageningen University, Utrecht, Holland, September 1996

National conferences include

  • What's so Funny? The languages of laughter, January 2011, co-organiser in association with the British Library
  • Literature and Politics Conference, 2010, University of Brighton
  • Analysing David Peace, University of Brighton 2009
  • 'White Boots and Ballet Shoes', LSA conference, University of Brighton, September 1995
  • 'Bachelor Girls' Romance Conference, University of Liverpool, November 1995
  • 'The Country House Romance' The Revision of England Conference, Kingston University, July 1996
  • 'Career Girls: popular fiction for young women in the 1950s' CCUE conference, Loughborough University, July 1996
  • 'The Mystery of 1945' Detective Fiction Conference, Association of Popular Fictions, University of Liverpool, November 1996
  • 'Narrative utopias and leisure sites' for Time and Value Conference, Lancaster University Institute for Cultural Research, April 1997
  • 'The Gothic of Disneyland' for Romantic Postmodernism/Postmodern Romanticism, British Association of Romance Studies,. University of Wolverhampton, May 1997
  • 'Science Fiction, Progress and Modernity' for the Victorians and Modernity. Association of Victorian Studies conference, Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds, July, 1997
  • 'Mickey Mouse Science' at Subversive Pleasures conference, Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies July 1997
  • 'Boys' Own Stories' at Textuality/Sexuality Conference University of Wales, Aberystwyth, July, 1997
  • ‘Gothic Horror in the Theme Park’ at Legacies of Walpole, International Association of Gothic studies conference, St Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill
  • 'The Commodification of Carnival' for the Commerce and Culture Leisure Studies Association Conference, September 1997 , Roehampton University
  • 'Victorian heroes in the Theme park' for the Colonial/Postcolonial (Dis)continuities conference, Worcester College of Higher Education, March 1988
  • The Postwar Woman Detective for the Thrillers Conference, University of Lincoln, July 1999
  • ‘Sponsorship and the Dome’ for the CrossRoads Cultural Studies Conference, University of Birmingham, July, 2000

Invited keynote speaker 

  • Latin Design Network 4th International Forum, Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, September 2012
  • Boz & Phiz: International Dickens Conference, Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, May 2012

Invited plenary speaker

  • 'Love on Trial' conference, 10th February 2011, Resistance Gallery in London
  • ‘Habitus/Habitat’ Paul Mellon Seminar Series, University College, London, May 2003
  • ‘Transformation Scenes: the Television Makeover’ for the Leisure Studies Association conference, Roehampton University July 2003
  • ‘A new kind of Jewish Woman:‘ Jewish Women Writers conference: Brunel University, July 2002
  • The Importance of Being Arthur: Masculinity in the 1950s. Roehampton University, July 2002
  • 'Telling Tales - Narratives, Pleasure and Popular Leisure Sites' Open Spaces Conference, Winchester School of Art/University of the West of England, October 1996
  • ‘Supernatural Disney’ for the Disreputable Attractions of the Supernatural Conference at the Institute of Romance Studies, University of London, March 1998

Consultancies and media

  • Expert Witness for the Battle of the Books, the 1960s, BBC 4, June 2004
  • Advisor for Wall to Wall productions programme on Agatha Christie, May 2004
  • Guest editor (with Neil Ravenscroft) of the Tourism issue of the International Journal of Heritage Studies, 2000
  • Interview for BBC Open University Television Programme on Pygmalion (first broadcast 1998)
  • BBC Radio Scotland: Women's Writing - in conversation with Nicola Beauman, 1996
  • Guest editor for an issue of the Association of Popular Fictions journal DiegesisApril 1999
  • Member of the Advisory Board of Leisure Studies
  • Member of the Advisory Panel of Diegesis

Referee reader

  • Leisure Studies, Women: A Cultural Review, Diegesis, Tourism Studies, Space and Culture, Journal of American Studies and Entertext Journals
  • Reader for: Open University Press, Palgrave, Polity Press, Edward Arnold, Routledge, Jessica Kingsley Publications
  • Review essays for: Modern Language ReviewYearbook of English Studies, theJournal of American Studies


  •  C21: a journal of 21st century writings. (Deborah Philips and Katy Shaw) Glyphi Press. 
  • Convergence: Words on the Web, Vol.16 (1) February, 2010, Sage ISSN 1/77/13548566509357690
  • Textual Practice: Contemporary Writing Environments (editors Deborah Philips and William Watkin), Vol. 23 Issue 6, 2009, Taylor and Francis ISSN 0950-236X e.journal 1470-1308. Introduction pp. 905-911.

Conference organising 

  • Remembering Stuart Hall, Sallis Benney Theatre, University of Brighton, Grand Parade, October 2014
  • Raymond Williams and John Logie Baird conference at the University Centre, Hastings, September 2013
  • Spoke at the IAMCR (international Association of Media and Communications Research) conference in South Africa in July 2012 and was elected as co-organiser of the Popular Culture Group
  • Robert Tressell Centenary conference at the University Centre, Hastings,September 2011
  • Literature and Politics in association with the HEFCE English Subject Centre,September 2010
  • The Big Reveal: Lifestyle television, University of Brighton (with media), July 2009

Conference keynotes

  • Bineal Brasileira de Design 1V at Belo Horizonte, Brazil, September 2012
  • Boz & Phiz: Two Days in Teesdale - an international conference at the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, May 2012
  • MECCSA Women's Media Studies Network, Brunel University, December 2008
  • Women's Liberation History, Women's Library, London, December 2008


  • 'What's so funny? The languages of comedy', in partnership with the British Library, 14–15 January 2011
  • Interview with Lionel Shriver for Storyville: Women's Writing Festival, November 2010

Interdisciplinary initiatives

  • Robert Tressell Centenary conference at the University Centre, Hastings, Humanities, Social Science, September 2011

Doctoral examinations

  • Hull 2015.
  • Loughborough University, 2009 (external)
  • University of Portsmouth 2005, 
  • Brunel 2002.

Professional memberships

  • Association of Popular Fictions
  • International Association of Media and Communications Research - Popular Culture Group
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